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Hannity & Colmes Go With C-Team North Korea Analysts. Predictably, Clinton Gets Blamed

Reported by Ellen - October 10, 2006 -

I don’t know about you, but when I hear there’s a possible nuclear crisis looming, as FOX News keeps saying there is with North Korea, I don’t think of Oliver North or Dick Morris as the go-to guys for prime time foreign policy strategy. But that’s who Hannity & Colmes viewers got last night, 10/9/06. Oliver North wasted no time blaming Bill Clinton and Dick Morris was just as quick to point out the good news for Bush in the crisis. Over at FOX News, that means Mission Accomplished.

Very early in his interview, North told Sean Hannity. “You have to remember, back in 1994, the Clinton administration agreed to what they called a framework with North Korea. It started a program to build two lightweight water reactors, light water reactors, and that’s where the plutonium for these bombs have come from.”

Comment: The BBC says North Korea got its materials from Russia and, possibly, Pakistan (though they deny it), but that was never discussed by “expert” North. Nor did he mention that the Clinton administration averted a crisis by negotiating with North Korea in 1994. As the BBC reports, “A crisis began which was temporarily resolved in 1994 when the North promised to suspend its nuclear activities in return for two light-water reactors, which are deemed to be less of a proliferation risk.”

Chickenhawk Sean Hannity said, “The only thing that Clinton extracted is a promise that the dictator wouldn’t use it for nefarious purposes of any kind. In fact, that was a ridiculous assumption.” Hannity went on to attack the UN, too. He’s probably hoping that these events will set in motion a new military conflict for other people to fight.

North has never held elective office, nor has he ever served in a cabinet position but that didn’t stop him from urging an escalation of militarization. “First of all, the president ought to recall Congress back into session. The Senate ought to confirm John Bolton as our ambassador to the United Nations immediately. We need to fully fund and implement our missile defense system which we’ve not done yet. And we need a resolution from this Congress… to defend Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Meanwhile, we ought to be deploying more of our Aegis and Patriot Pack3 Missile assets to those countries who have been threatened by this.”

Alan Colmes said, “I can’t believe you are once again going back and blaming the Clinton administration when this administration disengaged, they decided not to have anything but six-party talks. Their lack of a response to North Korea and opportunities to negotiate and you take no responsibility for that leading to the current crisis.”

North insisted that it began with Clinton “when they sent Maddie Albright over there to dance the Macarena with Kim Jong Il."

Colmes noted that not a single nuclear weapon was made during the Clinton years. “And let me quote Colin Powell who said, ‘the previous administration ought to give credit to – for freezing the plutonium site. Lots of nuclear weapons were not made because of the agreed framework and the work of President Clinton and his team.’ That’s Colin Powell on January 9, 2003.”

North dismissed that by saying that was in the past (although not when it comes to blaming Clinton) and went on to say that North Korea would likely sell the technology to Iran.

“I think you nailed this,” Hannity said. “It’s now time Japan can re-arm.”

When it was Morris’ turn, Hannity also asked him what the US should do.

“We do not have a military option,” Morris said. You could hear Hannity grunting, probably in disappointment. But Morris added that he thought Japan should go nuclear which must have warmed Hannity’s cockles. “The answer is China… If they think that Japan and South Korea are going to go nuclear and literally transform east Asia into a nuclear standoff zone between Japan and China. Given the past relations for those countries, the Chinese will react very vigorously.”

Hannity, of course, was delighted. But he must have been even happier to hear Morris say, “(Mark) Foley is gone now. Who cares about Foley when this North Korea thing – craziest, most dangerous regime in the world has nuclear weapons… And basically, if Bush handles this well… he’ll save himself.”

Well, at least he didn’t blame Clinton.