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Bill O'Reilly Asks Ted Turner, "Why do you hate America?"

Reported by Deborah - October 10, 2006 -

Tonight Ted Turner was O'Reilly's secular progressive bad boy for commenting at the National Press Club that he didn't appreciate Bush saying " You're either with us or against us." That was enough to set off the culture warrior's alarms. Laura Ingraham joined O'Reilly for the usual smear treatment so overworked it was embarrassing to watch 10/10/06

Ingraham wanted Turner to know that " he would be the first one put up against a wall and shot" by the Islamic Fascists offering also that " money can't buy brains." O'Reilly , trying to set an example as the Supreme Commander of the culture warriors, scolded Ingraham. " No personal attacks here." .

O'Reilly said Turner made CNN a global network ,as if that was a bad thing, adding that Turner was " a one world" kind of guy. Bill was also annoyed that Turner went to North Korea and didn't say anything bad about them afterwards.

An exasperated Ingraham complained that he had " utter disdain for faith." Then she complained, "He does not believe in the American ideal " mentioning individualism and the frontier spirit.

Then O'Reilly shifted gears asking Ingraham if she thought the Republicans were going to lose the election. She still had hope offering this advice. " The Republicans have to stop talking about Foley."

comment: Republicans have to stop avoiding the mirror. Mark Foley turned a spotlight on the Republican hypocrisy that voters tried to pretend didn't exist. All the so called values voters who wanted to believe the Republican fairy tales about their moral superiority have been disillusioned, embarrassed and disgusted. The Republican lies, scandals, corruptions have been piling up for years but there was always a way to cloud the truth. The Foley story is raw, hideous realism that makes all the other Republican stains believable. This time even if Republicans stop talking about Foley the stink will remain for a long time.