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Tom Adkins, Brenda Buttner's Hubby, Calls Nancy Pelosi a Communist, Then Tries to Lie About Age of Foley Victim

Reported by Marie Therese - October 9, 2006 -

On Saturday's edition of Cashin' In, the following exchange took place between FOX News Senior Business Correspondent Terry Keenan and Tom Adkins, husband of Bulls & Bears host Brenda Buttner. Adkins works for ReMax and is also writer for CommonConservative.com.

KEENAN: "Well, Tom, Nancy Pelosi says maybe we need a woman to clean up this mess."

ADKINS: "Aw, she can clean up my bathroom. I wish I could let her clean up the, the house! Look, Nancy - Nancy Pelosi is a COMMUNIST (his emphasis). She wants to raise taxes. She came out and said it yesterday. And, look. Every campaign is a battle between the Democrats' ability to lie, cheat and steal versus Republicans' ability to tell the truth. Republicans stink at gettin' the truth out."

Adkins later said "Nah, look. The Foley scandal's nothin'. What happened was a guy talked dirty to an 18-year-old. Alright, a little bit weird, but ..." Another member of the panel corrected him offscreen, saying "16", to which Adkins replied "Nah, he was 18. They know it now. ..." Adkins offered no proof for his statements and moderator Keenan let it slide. However, I cannot find any corroboration of Adkins' claim. It seems to me that, if it were true and the young man had reached the age of consent, the Republicans would be trumpeting it from the rooftops.

The rest of the panel - Jonathan Max Ferris (MaxFunds.com), Stuart Varney (FOX Business News), Dagen McDowell (FOX Business Analyst) and Mike Norman (Bizradio Network) - went on to discuss the effect of the Foley scandal on Wall Street. The consensus was that Wall Street doesn't give a fig about the whole sordid mess. However, in the course of their discussion, Stuart Varney made the following claim, which, in light of his history of unquestionning loyalty to the Bush administration, I found laughable:

VARNEY: "What we want out of Washington in the future is wise economic policy. What we need is political leadership to help investors. We're not going to get decent political leadership. This is a dirty political campaign, full of dirty political tricks. That's not the kind of political leadershp I want."

One wonders how he could make such a statement with a straight face, after carrying water for some of the dirtiest politicos on record, namely, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.