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Saturday Night Live In The Heartland

Reported by Donna - October 9, 2006 -

If I didn’t know that Heartland was TV “journalism” (Comment: I’m being facetious), I would have thought that one of Kasich’s segments was a comedy sketch straight out of late night TV! After a fawning endorsement of John Ashcroft’s new book, Kasich did a piece on the fracas at Columbia University when students, who were protesting the Minutemen, rushed the stage during an address by Minutemen founder, Jim Gilchrist.

Guest Posted By Priscilla.

Kasich began by saying, “look at what the best and the brightest, at one Ivy League school, are doing to conservatives” while showing the film clip of the incident. To Monique Dols of the Columbia International Socialist Organization (Comment: scary socialists), he asked, “do you wish you hadn’t caused the disruption?” She responded, “absolutely not, the college republicans invited a racist organization.” Kasich asserted, “a lot of people don’t share your view.” (Comment: the Minutemen have been met with protestors in many parts of the country. What is Kasich’s source for “a lot?”) When Kasich inquired if it was “proper” to disrupt the speaker, Ms. Dols said that it “isn’t proper to scapegoat immigrants.” Kasich’s heartland indignation started to reveal itself when he raised his voice and stated, “If I found that somebody was jumping on the stage” at which point Ms. Dols interjected “you’d beat them up?” (Comment: good one, Monique). Kaisch blubbered “you’re not going to be hired by good places if you’re going to be disrespectful.” (Comment: That perennial threat – “this is going on your permanent record) Prinicpal Kasich lectured, “what will happen in the real world is that you’re going to Columbia to get a good education and then what you’re going to be is disrespectful.” (Comment: Kasich’s incoherence was beyond amusing – it was bizarre!)

Kasich proceeded to ask Chris Kulawik of the Columbia College Republicans, “does this happen when liberals show up on college campuses?” Kulawik, who seemed like a reasonable young man, replied that he didn’t want to “speak across the board” and that there are “many good people at Columbia.” He then explained that rather than disrupting the speaker, the angry students should have waited to ask the speaker questions, as part of a civilized debate. He noted that the students put people in danger. Monique attempted to say something; but Kaisch shouted “I’ll run the show, you’ll get to ask your question later.” When Kulawik noted that the students where calling Marvin Stewart (a black Minuteman) “a black white supremacist,” Dols once again attempted to say something; but Kasich admonished her to not “interrupt.”

Kasich, visibly upset, said that the disruption “defied all logic” (Comment: Kasich and logic are contradictory terms) but the best was yet to come. After Dols alleged that students had been assaulted by Minutemen, Kasich asked her “what do your parents think about this.” Her response was priceless: “Don’t patronize me. I don’t care about your parents so don’t ask me about mine. My parents are very proud of me. Hi, mom!)

Prinicpal Kasich concluded by lecturing us: “be very careful what you do in school because your record follows you. If you become know as a disrupter, you’ll miss out on opportunities.” He then previewed upcoming segments: Professional wrestlers who are raising political awareness and a theatre owner who is refusing to show the movie “Jackass 2” during which he showed shots of wrestlers slamming each other around.

Comment: Rather than “fair and balanced” journalism, this was journalism of the absurd, as Kasich (as usual) lost any pretence towards objectivity. All during the Columbia piece, the chyron read “Columbia chaos” which made it appear as if this minor melee was Kent State in 1970. Kasich’s habits of speaking in sentence fragments and interjecting personal opinions don’t seem to be part of good journalistic practice; but go figure! The “permanent record” comment was a lol moment. As a school principal, Kasich is not as good as Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; but that was supposed to be funny! Conspicuously missing from the program was any discussion of the Foley scandal. One would think that as a former House member, Kasich would have something to say. But, as evidenced by the topics, the Heartland needs to be concerned about North Korea, school shootings, and Ivy League “anarchists.”