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O'Reilly Uses Foley Scandal To Bash Gay Community

Reported by Deborah - October 9, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly, nurtured by the applause of a live Chicago audience tonight,10/09/06, was the ultimate "culture warrior" so wise and insightful that he was able to tell viewers and guest, Mike Rogers, what the American public is now thinking about gay men. According to O'Reilly people believe "they can't control themselves."

O'Reilly opened the segment claiming that the Foley story was losing steam describing it as "partisan nonsense'. Mike Rogers claimed that "closeted gays" are the problem and he invited Republicans and Democrats to work together to eradicate the hypocrisy.

O'Reilly used this as an opportunity to discredit Barney Frank who he claimed got in trouble with a male prostitute. Rogers reminded him that Frank was honest enough to come clean with his voters who chose to elect him again. It's not surprising that O'Reilly was quick to remind viewers that the former page who claimed he had sex with Foley was 21 but made no such distinction with Barney Frank.

BOR, displaying an uncanny ability to know what Americans are feeling declared, "Most Americans don't know the homosexual community." Then he mumbled about the " children factor' being a big negative. Rogers giving O'Reilly some credit claimed they both knew that "gay men have nothing to do with pedophilia." O'Reilly did not confirm the assumption.

Rogers announced that very soon he would be releasing the names of some closeted gay men but Bill didn't like that idea at all claiming it was nobody's business.(However, if they turn out to be Democrats, he might change his mind.)

Then O'Reilly actually admitted to a mistake claiming that today he cited a poll incorrectly on his radio show. It seems he said that Republicans came out ahead in values when it was actually Democrats. He blamed " blathering for 2 hours" as the cause of the mistake. " Dems picked up a little bit of moral credibility," he conceded. Gee thanks, Bill coming from such a non-judgemental, enlightened, Christian doing battle to save our country from the secular progressive evil doers, that's a real compliment.