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North Korea Developed Plutonium 2 - 3 Years Ago - Bush Administration Too Busy Fighting Iraq War

Reported by Donna - October 9, 2006 -

On today's Studio B with Shepard Smith he had frequent guest, Michael O'Hanlon, from the Brookings Institute and they spoke about the problem with dealing with North Korea over the possible nuclear testing this weekend.

O'Hanlon brought up an interesting point that brought to light this administration's failure to effectively deal with North Korea (or anyone for that matter) diplomatically.

O'Hanlon said that something happened two or three years ago that was worse than actual nuclear testing and the Bush administration and the world just stood by and didn't do anything. What happened 2 or 3 years ago was North Korea obtained and made enough plutonium to make 8 or 9 nuclear bombs.

Comment: What's was the Bush administration doing 2 or 3 years ago when this plutonium was being obtained and these bombs were being developed? Oh, that's right, the war in Iraq. The war that this administration lied us into going to.

It would have been nice if this was pointed out on Fox but they just glaze over it, like it's not Bush's fault. To be sure, if Clinton had been the one asleep at the wheel and fighting a war based on lies when the nuclear threat from North Korea had been going on, we would have heard an indepth report.