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Sean Hannity’s Latest Excuse To Blame Democrats For Foley Scandal: Nancy Pelosi Was In A Parade With An Advocate Of Man/Boy Love

Reported by Ellen - October 8, 2006 -

Nancy Pelosi’s participation in a gay pride parade that also included a man/boy love advocate was the latest excuse for Sean Hannity and his conservative cohorts on Hannity & Colmes to lay blame on Democrats over the Mark Foley scandal (10/6/06). Pelosi didn’t organize the parade, nor did the man/boy advocate, but that didn’t stop Hannity and his unbalanced panel of conservatives from trying to brand her as a pedophilia-supporter who is only criticizing Foley for political gain. “Democratic Strategist” Laura Schwartz once again seemed to miss the point of the discussion and it was left to Alan Colmes to do her work for her. With video.

In addition to Schwartz, the unbalanced panel included two conservatives David Limbaugh and Republican Jeffrey Lord, plus the Bush-admiring John Harris of the Washington Post (H/T to Eric Boehlert for the Harris link).

The day before, Lord just happened to have published a column attacking Pelosi for her parade-choices. I’ll bet that was the reason he was chosen for the panel. Sure enough, in answer to Colmes’ first question - which Democrats have been calling for Hastert’s resignation? - Lord maneuvered his answer to bring up Pelosi. “I think we’ve got a very important issue here about child-molestation which is what was involved with Representative Foley and as you probably know, Congresswoman (Pelosi) marched in the gay pride parade in San Francisco right behind the Grand Marshall who was a forceful advocate of men sleeping with little boys.”

Lord seemed to be referring to Harry Hay, described in Lord’s column as “a vigorous and well-known advocate of older men having sex with young boys. He was a fearless and quite famous advocate for Congressman Mark Foley's behavior.” Putting aside the fact that being an advocate of older men having sex with young boys is not the same as being an advocate for Foley’s behavior, Lord’s column does not describe Hay as the Grand Marshall of the parade but as “Celebrant 31” to Pelosi’s "Celebrant 34” in the marching order. How Hay morphed from being 31st in line to Grand Marshall might have made an interesting question that nobody asked. Nevertheless, when Hannity later questioned whether Hay was, in fact, Grand Marshall, Lord said he was. “The entire civic structure of San Francisco never blinked to make this man the Grand Marshall,” Lord added.

Colmes said, “So you want to make this about Nancy Pelosi marching in a parade, not about a failure of leadership in the Republican structure, or about Foley or about Hastert or the people who didn’t respond to the pleas of parents.”

With a straight face, Lord responded, “She said this was abhorrent. She doesn’t say that in San Francisco, and why not? Is there a double standard?”

Colmes turned to Schwartz. “Laura, this is almost laughable. They’re so desperate, they’re grasping at straws. They can’t take personal responsibility. All they can do is bring up what happened with let’s say Studds, 20 years ago, what happened with other congresspeople or Nancy Pelosi marching in a gay parade. That’s the best they can do.”

Schwartz, of course, agreed and said that this is about Foley’s actions and the Republican leadership’s inaction. She also brought out recent poll numbers indicating that the majority of Americans think there was a Republican cover-up.

Limbaugh complained that “There’s a rush to judgement here against Dennis Hastert. (but Nancy Pelosi, who made the mistake of not vetting her parade-mates deserved no such restraint.) Limbaugh sanctimoniously said, “Republicans, unlike Democrats, purge their people that commit misconduct.” Then he chose another attack on the majority of his fellow Americans who say they plan to vote Democratic. “I say the Democrats are doing what they always do, which is avoid the issues, go into attack mode, avoid Iraq, avoid national security, because they’re losers.”

That was all Sean Hannity needed to go into his own Hanctimonious attacks. While he regularly decries anyone who insults Republicans, there seems to be no limit on what Republicans can say about Democrats. Going back to the Pelosi issue, Hannity complained about “selective moral outrage” of Democrats. That led to a segue to his new favorite scandal – one I never heard mentioned until Foley’s arose – Gerry Studds, who, in 1983, admitted having sex with a page in 1973.

Hannity turned to Schwartz, “Laura, when the Democrats, when Gerry Studds had sex with a page, and they gave him three standing ovations, was that morally wrong?”

Schwartz could have answered that Studds had nothing to do with Hastert, that it was a nice try for Hannity to try and change the subject away from Hastert to a decades-old scandal, or that while Republicans keep talking about how they take responsibility for their mistakes, why do they keep trying to change the subject to Democrats? Or she could have brought up the Swift Boat Vets and how Hannity and conservatives never saw any double standard in questioning Kerry's service while Bush went AWOL. Or she could have asked why no one in the Bush administration has taken responsibility for the lack of WMD’s in Iraq or the failure to plan for the insurgency? Instead, she caved. “Absolutely,” she said.

That gave Hannity just what he wanted to tie that up with an attack against Nancy Pelosi. “Was it morally wrong that Nancy Pelosi votes to give him a chairmanship?”

Still not getting with the program, Schwartz answered “Well, he was re-elected by his constituents.”

“I didn’t ask you that,” Hannity bullied. With his Hanctimonious outrage, he asked, “She voted to give him a choice chairmanship. He had sex with a 17 year-old page.” Hannity then asked if it bothered Schwartz that Nancy Pelosi was marching in a parade with someone advocating man/boy love.

“It does,” Schwartz said uselessly. “And I want to know what parade committee put that together.”

“The homosexual agenda is what the Democrats are in bed with,” Limbaugh said.

It was Colmes who made the point Schwartz should have made. “By the way, if I’m ever in a parade, I’m going to make sure I get a resume and an FBI background check on everybody else who’s marching in that parade.”

In Part 2 of the discussion, Schwartz was a little savvier and told Hannity, “The Democrats did not write these emails, Mark Foley did.”

“That’s not the question,” Hannity said. “It’s a distraction… Clinton had oral sex in the White House and you guys are worried about instant messages.”

Colmes read an excerpt from an article in The Hill, a Washington newspaper, which said that the leaked documents came from a House Republican aide. He asked Harris, “Do you have any evidence whatsoever that Democrats were complicit at all in ANY of these leaks?”

Colmes had to press Harris, who started to say that it was not implausible, but he finally admitted there was no evidence.

Colmes also quoted Robert Novak’s report that House GOP leaders “knew that Foley had written an inappropriate email to a 16 year-old,” and yet still urged him to run for re-election. “So you want to complain about Democrats putting up those who’ve sinned. How about that? They put him up after they knew these inappropriate emails took place. Is that OK?” Colmes asked.

Rather than answer the question, Limbaugh and Lord got back to blaming Nancy Pelosi. “It’s not about a parade, you guys, it’s a matter of Nancy Pelosi saying she wants to protect the children and here she is supporting man/boy love.” Limbaugh said.

Lord added, “She cut and run from social responsibility.”

Limbaugh said, “They have no standing to talk about these moral issues. None.”

But Harris said, “I’m not sure they need standing as long as Republicans are pointing fingers at themselves.”

In fact, a little later, Republican Tom Kean, Jr appeared on the show and added his name to the list of Republicans calling for Hastert’s resignation as House leader.

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