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O'Reilly exaggerates response to Columbine victim father appearing on CBS

Reported by Chrish - October 8, 2006 -

In a transparent effort to make much ado about nothing, O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo dated 10/06/06 was headlined "CBS News Allows Conservative Point of View and All Hell Breaks Loose." The segment referred to an appearance by the father of a Columbine shooting victim, and his comments and logic regarding the underlying reasons behind the shootings.

The father, Brian Rohrbough, opined that taking God out of schools and replacing "him" with evolution has weakened morals to the point that murder is acceptable, under the survival of the fittest natural law, and the availability of abortion has diminished children.

After his appearance Katie Couric posted this on her blog: "We knew when we decided to put on this segment that a lot of people would disagree with it. We also knew some might even find it repugnant."

This is what O'Reilly takes issue with - the fact that some people may find the view taken by Rohrbough "repugnant." According to M-W.com, that means

1 : incompatible, inconsistent
2 archaic : hostile
3 : exciting distaste or aversion

In his own words,

"Repugnant? Why would any fair-minded person find Mr. Rohrbough's opinion repugnant? You can disagree with the man, but using a word like "repugnant" marginalizes his legitimate opinion. Millions of Americans see it the way Mr. Rohrbough does.

Now I don't believe Ms. Couric meant to demean the man, but her words reflect the elitist attitude common in network news and in the general media. Using the word "repugnant" might restore Ms. Couric's cocktail party credibility, but it is an unfortunate choice of words."

He continues on a self-serving rant that furthers his agenda of selling books and dividing the country - in a time of war!

In O'Reilly's world it is OK to call people who support science in schools, religion in churches, and privacy in gynecologist's offices "immoral" but if those same people find such labelling "repugnant" they are the ones to attack. Someone should remind O'Reilly that millions of Americans are regularly marginalized and demonized by his own program and network, with far harsher language.

In another TPM, also dated 10/06/06, O'Reilly rails against protesters who show up at speeches and shout down the speakers. It's rude, no doubt. But O'Reilly calls it "anti-American." Columbia University is a "disgrace" because "far-left hooligans" exercised their free speech rights and were not bagged and carried off by campus police, and then O'Reilly says the "S-Ps" are the fascists!

"All over the country these kind of fascist tactics are being used by fanatical secular progressives who seek to impose their views on others, and silence and/or harm people who oppose them.

There is no place for that kind of garbage in a country that prides itself on free-speech and responsible dissent."

Key word for him being "responsible", right? News flash: not everyone has a nightly cable show from which to spout our opinions and views, so sometimes we have to shout to get attention. Both these TPMs are more aptly titled "Most ridiculous item of the day."