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Bill O'Reilly Claims Iran Trying To Influence Election

Reported by Deborah - October 7, 2006 -

O'Reilly, claiming he had information from D.C. insiders, told viewers that some powerful forces are trying to influence the November election. Besides the obvious accusations about the timing of the Foley scandal and Woodward's book, O'Reilly claimed that Iran has intentionally escalated the violence in Iraq to discredit Bush and influence our elections. 10/6/06

According to O'Reilly Bush was very close to ending the violence in Iraq this past summer until Iranian mercenaries intervened. O'Reilly proclaimed that Iran wants voters to blame Bush for the increased violence so Republicans lose control because they believe Democrats are not as agressive.

Dick Morris appeared in a later segment to reinforce the Iranian focus. Morris and O'Reilly agreed that the conflict in Iraq had "morphed" into a fight with Iran. Morris said Bush needs to change the subject and explain the war now is about Iran. Morris made the outrageous assertion that when Clinton looked weak in 1996 he told him to bomb Bosnia suggestin that Bush needs to make some bold act of aggression to gain approval.