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Add George Soros And CREW To The List Of Democrats Hannity Is Trying To Blame For Foley Scandal

Reported by Ellen - October 5, 2006 -

Sean Hannity hammed up his Hanctimonious bullying last night (10/04/06) in a theatrical effort to deflect blame from Republicans in the Foley scandal by attacking Democrats’ ethics. He reprised his Clinton-bashing as Republican-defense strategy and, since the scandal shows no signs of dying out, he added George Soros and CREW to the bashing side of the equation. Apparently, Hannity thinks that the more Democrats he can smear, the better Dennis Hastert and the GOP look. Hannity was joined in his holier-than-thou melodrama by voter-fraud suspect, accused plagiarist and likely substance abuser Ann Coulter. With video.

As part of his introduction to the discussion, Hannity said, “Now, we learned today that a group called Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics, which is funded by George Soros and also had access to the Foley emails earlier this summer. Now, they apparently reported them to the FBI. A spokesman for Mr. Soros says that he was unaware that the group had the emails but while Democrats called for the heads of Republican leaders for not knowing or doing enough, does that excuse fly? Well, and another liberal fringe group called American Family Voices, with ties to the Clinton White House, they’re using their website to lobby for the resignation of House Republican Leaders.”

“Just because he’s gay and asking a kid what he wants for his birthday, we’ve got to wiretap him.” The middle-aged Coulter giggled girlishly at her own joke. It was a blatant misrepresentation of the nature of Foley’s emails but nobody challenged her on it. She continued with one of her “witticisms.” “Democrats won’t let us wiretap Al-Qaida.” Her New-England-snob accent made it sound like “Al Ky-yda." She added, “They want us wiretapping a gay guy.” Her black-encased eyes darted around the room and her head moved nervously from side to side, as though she were casing the room for something.

Jane Fleming, of Young Democrats of America, was the only Democrat on the unevenly balanced panel that contained Coulter plus Bill Sammon on the conservative side. Nevertheless Fleming did a good job under very unfair conditions. I hope we see more of her.

Fleming agreed with Alan Colmes that it wasn’t just one Republican (as Bill Sammon alleged) but several claiming that Hastert knew about Foley’s predatory behavior. She said, “It’s clear that Hastert knew over a year ago and maybe even longer, that this was going on and he did absolutely nothing about it. We have to ask, why did he do nothing about it? It seems to us that he was covering it up, hoping it would go away. When it didn’t go away, Foley resigned and they still haven’t done a full investigation.”

“Jane, let me stop you right here,” Hannity said, using his sincere voice. “There is no evidence. None.”

“Yes, there is,” Fleming said. “The same emails that (Hastert) had access to are the same emails that CREW had access to. They raised enough red flags for a nonpartisan group to send them to the FBI. It should have raised a red flag for our leadership in the halls of Congress to also investigate.”

Hannity sputtered at that simple but undeniable truth.

“I find the selective moral outrage by you Democrats at times interesting.”

“It’s not selective,” Fleming countered.

“Especially as it relates to the Clinton scandal.” But Hannity must have been somewhat daunted by Fleming because he turned away from Fleming and never allowed her to speak again during the segment. Instead, he turned to Coulter and began dragging out the Gerry Studds scandal. “The difference is astonishing,” the ethically-challenged Coulter said. She reiterated what she thought was her own brilliant talking point, that “a party that won’t let us listen to Al-Qaeda think that a gay guy with friendly emails to a page, oh, tap his phone!”

“The only thing that Hastert knew about was that there was an email,” Hannity told Coulter, “Now, I spoke to Hastert. He didn’t even know about the request for a picture.” Funny, how Hannity was willing to take Hastert completely at his word. “There’s no proof and in spite of liberals screaming it, they can’t cite any evidence that Hastert knew.” Never mind that Republicans are saying he knew.

“No, of course not,” Coulter said comfortingly. Never mind that her own record for truth telling is severely compromised.

“Here’s what we do know,” Hannity declared. “The George Soros-funded group, for example, the hundreds of thousands of dollars from The Open Society that gives money to this group, CREW, well they knew about this and I’m reading from The Hill. Quote, when CREW received copies of Foley’s emails earlier this summer. So apparently, now there’s even discussion that they may have been in contact with Democrats.

“That’s untrue,” Fleming broke in to say.

But Hannity cut her off. “Excuse me,” he said rudely. “There are people that knew about this earlier in the summer. We need to know who they are, why did they wait til now…”

Fleming broke in again (you go, girl!) but Hannity refused to listen to her.

“Why did they wait til now to disclose it? That’s the question,” Hannity said disingenuously. Because it’s hard to believe he wouldn’t know that the real question is not what did Democrats know but what did Hastert know.

“Whenever the details will help Democrats, you get them. When the details don’t help Democrats, it’s what he knew about it, what he knew about it.” Coulter said meaninglessly.

“They ignore ‘em,” Hannity chimed in hypocritically. He turned to Sammon to say, “If a Democratic-funded website, if they knew about the emails in their particular case, what did THEY do about it, when did THEY know about it, why didn’t THEY take further action and yet they want to have outrage over Dennis Hastert’s action here. There seems to be a double standard in selective moral outrage.” He could have been talking about himself.

Speaking of selective moral outrage, Hannity neglected to allow Fleming the opportunity to explain that CREW sent the emails to the FBI in July and is now asking for a Department of Justice investigation to find out why the FBI didn’t act on them. That's not exactly sitting on them, waiting until the eve of election.

In the second part of the interview (Alan Comes' portion shown here only), Hannity kept up the bullying against Fleming and repeatedly interrupted Alan Colmes during his portion. At the end, Hannity cut off Fleming as she was answering Colmes' final question in order to allow Ann Coulter the final word.

Ask big tough Hannity why he was too chicken to let the Democrat speak and ask “fair and balanced” FOX News why they allowed him to silence her.



You can also contact Colmes at colmes@foxnews.com