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Silly News Stories Rank High on Fox On Line

Reported by Donna - October 4, 2006 -

Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer has become a gibberish of serious news mixed with ridiculous news items of the day. Sure, we heard about the Foley scandal and the nuclear test threat by North Korea but we also saw a trampoline artist who grabbed pipes on the ceiling, a drunk/drugged bear and a set of dominoes on several tables going down with the request that we 'download this' now.

I have a headache. This was not news this was some kind of attention deficit disorder catch all.

Know this about the revamped Fox On Line show - if it's serious (to Fox) it will be a Fox News Alert otherwise you will be told to download ridiculous, odd stories from the internet that they've placed on their website.

On the serious side let it be known that it's not just the Foley scandal anymore. It's the Foley scandal hysteria, after all, you have to associate a negative name for the Democrats (hysteria) so that your subliminal trip can begin.

Comment: Just a mish mash, jumbling, unsorted procession of various news stories, it honestly gave me a headache. News shouldn't be presented like this.