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Repulsive, Offensive & Immoral, But Is It Necessarily Illegal? - Foley Pedophile Scandal

Reported by Donna - October 4, 2006 -

That was the message on Studio B with Shepard Smith today. Of course it's repulsive, offensive and immoral, but is it necessarily illegal? Smith was going to conduct a segment with a prosecutor and a defense attorney regarding this question later on in his show.

Comment: Funny they should word it this way like, sure it looks bad, but, c'mon, is it really illegal?

Sure enough Smith had the segment on with the prosecutor, Stephen Clark and the defense attorney, David Oblon. Clark said that under Florida law this was prosecutable. Oblon said he didn't think it was since there was no proof yet that he had followed up on the salacious instant messages.

Smith and Clark got into just how salacious the instant messages were and Clark repeated that this was prosecutable in the state of Florida.

Comment: Even asking the question takes the harshness off of the actual act that was committed. Apparently it is against the law in the state of Florida to try to sexually entice people (men or women) under the age of 18. They are considered children and this would fall under the pedophilia definition: sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object

But Fox tries to soften the blow like it's not so bad, it might not even be illegal. Going after children, sexually, in my opinion is a big deal and it also sounds illegal to me. Fox shouldn't try to soften the blow by even asking the question.