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George Soros is Scheduled to Appear on Your World Tomorrow and Neil Cavuto is Already Bashing Him

Reported by Melanie - October 4, 2006 -

Since late last week Neil Cavuto has been promoting an appearance George Soros will make on his show tomorrow. Two or three times per show Cavuto mentions the upcoming "exclusive" interview and brags that Soros is very hard to get, but that he got him, and that this will be Soros's first appearance on his show. Given all the attention Cavuto has paid to it, you'd think Jesus (or George Bush) was coming on.

George Soros can take care of himself, of course, but he should be forewarned that even if Cavuto is polite and pleasant to his face, he will seek to destroy Soros's credibility when nobody's watching, like he did yesterday to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who was a guest on Monday.

As for Soros, despite the fact that Fox has spent literally years portraying him as left of left, as a near-Communist who wants to destroy our country, and a contributor to terror groups like MoveOn.org, Cavuto apparently thinks that's not enough, or at least that his audience needs to be reminded (maybe warned is a better word) of Fox's view of Soros. I say that because today, in a Fox News exclusive -- the first time it's ever been done -- Cavuto began the bashing before a guest's appearance, deviating from his traditional method of bashing them afterward.

At the end of today's show (October 4, 2006), during the viewer mail segment, after reading hate emails about George McGovern who appeared yesterday, Cavuto said,

Then, Myrna Evans down in Woodstock, Georgia bemoaning a guest not even on the show yet:

I appreciate the fact that Fox is fair and balanced. But for you to give George Soros airtime makes me think you are unbalanced! You can be sure I won't be watching!

Eugene in Wisconsin:

Thank you for the warning about Soros. I will skip Thursday and watch you Friday. There is no way I would want to hear what he has to say. I don't understand left talk.

Then, adding a CYA and a condescending note intended to inject an air of "balance," a ploy his audience continues to buy, Cavuto said, in a barely audible voice,

Well, I don't think that's very nice. Do you?

Comment: Again, this is the first time I have ever - after more than two years - seen Neil Cavuto read hate mail prior to a guest's appearance. (Cavuto does not read hate mail about conservatives.) Almost without fail he reads hate mail about liberal guests for at least one day after their appearance, sometimes two or three, but I have never seen him do it beforehand. Fox must be really scared of George Soros.