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Another Murtha Smear But Still No Discussion Of Woodward Book On Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - October 4, 2006 -

With a large photo of Congressman John Murtha and a link to Monday night’s Murtha-smear still dominating the Hannity & Colmes web page, last night (10/03/05) the show trotted out a new “exclusive report” that was another blatant smear job. This one, called “Pros and Cons,” distorted Murtha’s popularity and deliberately made it seem that his detractors outnumbered his supporters.

The “fair and balanced” report by Lauren Fritts tried to make the case that Murtha is a polarizing figure by showing people praising him and showing others criticizing him. But the report devoted approximately three times as much time to the Murtha detractors than it did to his supporters. Murtha got 16 seconds at the beginning, giving a stump speech, followed by 33 seconds of praise from supporters such as Bob Kerrey and Ed Rendell. That was followed by 1:44 of time for the opponents.

That is not representative of the voters. Even the conservative blog Redstate admits that Murtha is ahead in the polls by 10%.

Meanwhile, there has still been no discussion on Hannity & Colmes about Bob Woodward’s latest book.