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Yes, Fox Hosts Left-of-Extreme-Right Guests, But it Puts Them in Their Place When Nobody's Watching

Reported by Melanie - October 3, 2006 -

Neil Cavuto did to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., today (October 3, 2006) what he does to non-Republicans who appear on his show -- he stabbed him in the back the day after his appearance in an effort to discredit what he had to say.

Kennedy was a guest on Your World yesterday to talk about the need for voting machines to have a paper trail. The chyron Fox ran during his segment was fair enough. It read, "RFK, Jr. Predicts Electronic Voting Disaster," and Cavuto was polite during the interview and seemed to get, and even agree with, Kennedy's point.

Kennedy opened by saying that, "It should concern both Republicans and Democrats because both Democrats and Republicans steal elections if given the chance."

A few minutes in, Cavuto summarized Kennedy's points:


Alright, but I want to be clear because you didn't do this in your piece but are saying it now, that this is a system that's ripe for abuse by both potential parties...


Of course.


...[S]o Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is saying look, better part of valor, just to keep everyone honest on both sides, have a backup paper trail?




But, now where these electronic machines are being utilized, increasingly across the country, that's not available?


Right. There's no paper trail on them.


So you're saying we're setting ourselves up for another...


We're setting ourselves up...


If you found out that all four [voting machine makers] were aligned with the Democratic party, you still would have written that piece? You still would have [inaudible]?


Obviously. You know, this is, this is a problem for our democracy.

In closing, Kennedy said, "Democrats can fix an election as easy as Republicans and anybody who does it ought to be going to jail." And Cavuto seemed to agree about the need for a paper trail: "I think you could find unanimity on just trying to find a paper backup to avoid that."

What a difference a day makes. Heading to a break near the end of the show today, Cavuto gave this teaser for the "mail" segment coming up next:

Alright. Bobby Kennedy, Jr., said he has a cure for Republicans stealing elections. Some of you offer a tonic for Bobby Kennedy. Some pretty good stuff, after this.

After the break, and after touting, for roughly the 15th time, the new all-time high the Dow reached today, Cavuto said,

Meanwhile, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., creating a fury here when he railed against electronic voting machines that don't leave a paper trail -- more opportunity for Republicans, he says, to steal elections -- [Cavuto lowered his voice] even though he added Democrats sometimes do just the same.

Cavuto then read seven emails:

This guy needs to see a shrink. If anyone buys his yarn about stealing votes, he needs a bed in the loony bin beside him.

I never thought I would agree completely with a Kennedy! He is doing the American public a great favor to bring the Diebold problem to light.

Neil, talk about conspiracy theories!! Is this guy nuts or what?!!

Thanks for showing Kennedy at his best. The guy can't even tie his tie right. You are too nice to these weirdos.

Cavuto, you let Kennedy spin you like a top.

You badgered Kennedy like some mindless pit bull.

You deserve to be fired immediately. You obviously are totally brainless. The Kennedy's invented gaming elections. Joe Kennedy got three idiots elected, none of whom were qualified, as history has shown.

Comment: Trust me. If you are left of extreme right and you appear on Your World w/Cavuto, no matter how polite Cavuto is to your face, you will be vilified the following day at the end of the show during the mail-it-in segment. It happens every time. Yes, Fox hosts the occasional "liberal" guest but they are sure to put them in their place when nobody's looking.