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Smith Does Everything To Explain Dennis Hastert's Role In The Foley Scandal

Reported by Donna - October 3, 2006 -

On Studio B with Shepard Smith he tried to frame a story from the Republican point of view saying that Democrats were crying about a cover up because that fit into their talking points. However, the conservative Washington Times had also called for the resignation of House Speaker, Dennis Hastert. Smith also acted surprised that questions should be asked of Dennis Hastert based only on the emails, not the instant messaging.

It's funny how Smith always points out the Democratic talking points but fails to point out the Republican ones. In fact, as reported previously, he uses Republican talking points in his interviews.

Smith spoke with Jane Fleming, the Exectutive Director of the Young Democrats of America. When he again asked if anything should be done to Dennis Hastert based on the emails only (he had also asked a prior guest) she finally came through with the whole story.

Fleming said three steps had been taken by Hastert after he had become aware of the emails. He had, one, gotten together with a caucus to discuss what they should do, two, they had left the one Democrat on that caucus in the dark about Foley and three, they had spoken with Mark Foley and told him to stop communications with pages.

Comment: Smith tried to frame it as look at the emails only, it's not so bad, but apparently the Republican leadership felt so or it wouldn't have taken the three steps that Fleming spoke about above. Not only had they tried to cover it up they had told Foley to stop all communications with pages. Smith had nothing to say when Fleming made these three points known. Towards the end of the show Smith said that a leading conservative had come out for Dennis Hastert. That conservative? James Dobson. Maybe not so much a leading conservative as a leading right wing, neocon, evangelical, religious leader. But I guess that's what conservative stands for these days.