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Hannity Tries To Make Foley Scandal About Clinton

Reported by Ellen - October 3, 2006 -

Sean Hannity defended the Foley sex scandal in his usual way of defending Republicans: by ramping up attacks against Democrats, dragging in Bill Clinton and all the while complaining about other people politicizing the issue. Swing voters might want to consider voting in more Democrats just for the sake of a change of conversation. This Clinton thing is getting old.

The two guests for last night’s (10/2/06) Foley discussion on Hannity & Colmes were Michael Reagan and Bob Beckel. Reagan had the class to say that anybody in the House leadership who knew about Foley should resign. “If Dennis Hastert knew about this information and did nothing to it (sic) and left this man in charge, yes, he should resign as well as anybody else.”

Just a few minutes later, Hannity & Colmes was set to air their “exclusive” expose on John Murtha about the 26-year old Abscam scandal. But during this Foley segment, Hannity was a vision of consternation over the possibility that someone might be digging up an old scandal for political gain. “Apparently, some of these instant messages are three years old. So I think we all have to have a question raised here. I want to know why these instant messages were held back until now, who knew about them, why did they hold them back, did they do it for political reasons?”

Whenever Hannity accuses someone else of politicizing an issue, it’s a safe bet he’s about to do the same. Sure enough, it was Clinton time. “You know something? I don’t want to bring Clinton into it. You’re gonna say, well, Monica was 19… Monica was a teenager and she was an intern (In fact, she was 22 when she started working at the White House). Bill Clinton, himself, gave – commuted the sentence of Mel Reynolds who DID have sex with a 16 year-old and when he thought he would have the possibility of sex with a 15 year-old, said he hit the lotto.” Hannity started pounding the desk. “Bill Clinton commuted his sentence!”

Reagan put aside the class act and turned sleazy. He said, “Republicans, when caught red-handed do step down and resign while Democrats almost in some ways use it as a badge of courage and move forward.”

Bob Beckel not only voiced no outrage, he agreed with Reagan. “That was actually true in the last page scandal.”

Once again, Alan Colmes made the argument for the Democratic guest. Colmes said the issue is not so much what Foley did as much as it’s “a Republican leadership that seems to be absent, that is not pro-active, that doesn’t respond… Over-friendly emails should have been a red flag to Hastert. And tell me, why does Hastert at first say he only learned about it last week and then he immediately reverses and says he knew about it last year? How does that get explained?”

“You tell me,” Reagan said, meaning, of course, that he couldn’t.