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Shepard Smith Only Wants To Have His Talking Points On His Show

Reported by Donna - October 2, 2006 -

Oh, yeah, it's his show. No doubt about it, Studio B is Shepard Smith's show and he made sure a Democratic stategist knew that today. He practically screamed at the poor woman that "this is my show" and he was only going to have on what he allowed, he wasn't going to stand for her using a talking point.

What was she guilty of? Mentioning the 'culture of corruption' when talking about the Foley scandal.

The talking point that got to Smith today was when he had a segment on the Foley scandal. When the Democratic guest starting talking about the 'culture of corruption', Smith lost it. He started shouting at the guest and saying this was his show and talking points were not going to be allowed on it. (Comment: Shades of Bill O'Reilly!)

Comments: The segment was almost laughable. How many times has Smith not only allowed the talking point 'cut and run' on his show? Not only allowed it, but used it himself many times? The hypocrosy was flying today. See, you can't use talking points on Smith's show, only the one's he allows, the one's that favor the Republicans. If you're a Democrat it doesn't fly.

This is how fair and balanced Fox is. Even if the culture of corruption talking point is true. Even if the Foley scandal is horrific, Tom Delay is under indictment, or Bob Ney is under indictment or so many Republicans are connected to the Abramoff scandal, even if all of this adds up to a culture of corruption, Smith's not going to have it on his show, nosiree!