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Rev Up Your Engines For Our 3rd Donation Drive Of The Year!

Reported by Donna - October 2, 2006 -

As we move into fall we'd like to thank all of our loyal readers and commenters. We have 4 donation drives a year and we can't tell you how much they help to keep our website going strong.

And, contrary to popular opinion, we are not sponsored by George Soros! We work long hours besides our regular jobs and I think one of our News Hounds approximated that we work for just a few cents an hour. We have no bigtime donators, so we count on you! So, we'd like to ask everyone to please donate. Imagine the Internet without the News Hounds.

We do have some premiums going for our 3rd Donation Drive. They are:

For: Receive:

$100 - Autographed copy of Iraq for Sale (we have 5)
$75 - Free News Hounds baseball cap (10)
$50 - Outfoxed DVD (1)
$35 News Hounds Mousepads (5)
$30 - SJIHBO books (4) Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly
$20 - Bumper sticker*

So make your donations quickly - the premiums will disappear fast!

And don't forget, if you can only afford to give a little, we do have our Run With The Pack plan and our Kennel Club plan which are $5 and $10 a month respectively. No fuss, just an automatic donation each month. Become a regular donator by joining one of these clubs. We appreciate all donations, small or large.

Our next donation drive will be the one that starts right after Thanksgiving. We're going to do something special for that one. We're going to have auctions for various items donated by -- YOU -- what fun that's going to be. So keep in mind what you have to auction and about a week before Thanksgiving we'll be collecting pics of the items that you're donating. News Hounds will pay for the shipping costs when you send your item to the winning bidder unless you'd like to donate shipping charges.

But for now we'd like to give a big thank you to all of our News Hound readers out there. Your comments make our reporting worthwhile, and we really think we perform a valuable commodity for all of our readers. Take care and lets make this a great donation drive! Oh, and if George Soros is out there - we gladly take donations from everyone.

*Please allow up to two weeks for your premiums.