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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of September 25th

Reported by Janie - October 2, 2006 -

Brit "Droopy" Hume picked up 33% of last week's vote for attempting to hype an imaginary tie between Hugh Chavez and terrorism, simply because Chavez is no fan of Hume's master: Bush: "potentially, sure, he's got money at his disposal, he can give it to terrorists, he can help terror organizations, maybe he's doing it. Sure he's dangerous, you bet."

For this week's selection, take a peek below the fold!

Option A: BRIAN KILEMEADE "God' s a man .... But isn't it a man's world, Steve?"

STEVE DOOCY: "It is a man's world ...

KILMEADE: "Then why wouldn't a man have created a man's world?"

DOOCY: "You're just talkin' about the world. You know what? That is an excellent question. ..." - a discussion of a new survey on American conceptions of the word "God", Fox and Friends, 9/26/06

Option B: "...The New York Times and the Washington Post really did a very good job of cherry picking the stuff that made the administration look really bad and putting that in the paper and there's a number of other things in it that they didn't really bother to mention like one of the biggest problems facing civilization regarding the terrorists is the use of the internet and so I guess you really should blame Thomas Edison for doing the whole electricity thing." - Steve Doocy, discussing the April 2006 NIE report, which reveals that the Iraq War has fueled world terrorism and made the world less safe, FOX & Friends First, 9/27/06

Option C: "So, there is no intrusion on the media by religious fundamentalists. None. OK? They have no influence in the media, at all, zero. Among the congressmen and senators, I don't know of one religious fundamentalist in Congress, not one..." - Bill O'Reilly, The Radio Factor, 9/27/06

Option D: "I think it’s hard to ask Bush to do something in the middle of this
election season." - Bill Kristol saying Bush can't take any corrective action in Iraq until after the election because there might be political fallout, Studio B, 9/29/06

Option E: “I don’t recall every word I’ve said.” - Sen. George Allen, Hannity & Colmes, 9/29/06