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O'Reilly: hatred of Dean, Pelosi overrides disgust w/Foley, Bush incompetence

Reported by Chrish - October 2, 2006 -

Kudoes to Bill O'Reilly for taking the stand that disgraced Florida Rep. Mark Foley's "colossal betrayal of his position" was inexcuseable and inappropriate; Talking Points Memo 10/02/06. In true FOX fashion, however, he used that stance to launch an attack on - who else - the Democrats, specifically Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean.

In his introduction O'Reilly not only ripped Foley and endorsed an FBI investigation and called for resignations from anyone who knew of Foley's "indiscretions", he also mentioned the bombshell Bob Woodward has dropped on the Bush administration in his new book, "State of Denial." Those two items together have the GOP reeling, and the Democratic Party of twenty years ago would have no problem sweeping into power come the November elections.

But the "far-left" Pelosi and Dean have split the Democratic Party into tradionalists vs. secular-progressives; in fact, those two "GOP-haters" are helping the Republican Party. (In a stunning coincidence, the premise of O'Reilly's new book is the alleged culture war between traditionalists and secular progressives. What are the odds?!) Independents realize that if the Dems win, Pelosi would become Speaker of the House (comment: not necessarily. "The Constitution commands that the post be filled by a vote of the House at the beginning of each of its two-year terms." (1)). "Is the US ready for San Francisco values?" No, he says - traditionalists in both parties fear radicalism. "Check out Culture Warrior for proof!"

This is the second time he's included Democrats in his "traditionalists" label, O'Reilly's way of reaching across the aisle - for coveted Dem votes this fall so he can continue to bash and malign the out-of-power opposition for at least two more years.

Fair and balanced O'Reilly wonders, will Democrats fix the border? Will they keep taxes low? Will they "handle Iran"? "Talking Points" can't predict what a Dem Congress would do, but Dean and Pelosi are not voices of moderation (at least not to someone on the far-right).

The Factor is going to focus on what We the People should do, between now and Election Day.

Thanks for the warning - I'm so surprised O'Reilly is going to spend the next 5 weeks drilling his fans on what they should do come Election Day. Will he recommend that they get on-line and do some research of their own? Should they go to Project Vote Smart and Open Secrets? I don't thiiiiink so.