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Neil Cavuto Shrinks the Mark Foley Sex/GOP Cover-up Debacle Down to an "Email Scandal"

Reported by Melanie - October 2, 2006 -

I was interested to see how Neil Cavuto would cover the Mark Foley scandal today (October 2, 2006) because on Friday, substitute host David Asman skimmed over it, reporting just enough so Fox could slide under the wire and say it covered it. If viewers blinked, they missed it, which was probably Fox's hope.

I wasn't surprised then, this being Fox and all, when Cavuto opened his show today blaming not the congressman for his outrageous behavior toward a minor or the GOP for covering it up, but blaming those pesky emails instead, as if they wrote and sent themselves.

In his opening teaser about the topics to be covered on the show, Cavuto included this:

...And a congressman brought down by damming emails. Happens all the time in the business world. What you should know.

Ten minutes in, Cavuto went to an ad break with a graphic over his shoulder that read, "E-Mail Exposed!" and said,

And it was an email trail that lead to the Florida congressman's downfall. Why you might want to watch out too.

Just after the bottom of the hour, again heading to a break, Cavuto teased an upcoming segment:

Well, from a congressional email scandal to a daily dose of bad news in Iraq, you would probably think Republicans are in sad shape come Election Day. A Democrat who says you're exactly right and a Republican who says surprise, you're wrong. After this.

After the break, Cavuto introduced Bill Press and Paul McGuire for a segment captioned, "Tough Week for Republicans: Can they Still Win in November?" with:

Alright, well, House Speaker Dennis Hastert again calling for investigations into former Republican congressman Mark Foley. The speaker describing those career-ending messages by Foley to a former teenaged congressional page as vile and repulsive. [Cut to short video clip of Hastert.] Well, the growing Foley scandal, the Iraq war...

Press and McGuire duked it out with almost no mention of Foley.

At almost 45 minutes past the hour, Cavuto headed to another break:

Meanwhile, a trail of damming emails exposed this congressman [a picture or video of Foley was not shown]. Why you might want to think twice before hitting that send button at work.

When back from the break, Cavuto introduced Fox News Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl with a graphic over his shoulder that read "Watch What you Write:"

Alright. After damning emails do in Florida congressman Mark Foley, you might want to ask yourself what you could be sending out at work that could also get you potentially canned. Happens all the time in corporate America.

Then, over a chyron that read "Smoking Gun Emails: Evidence that Lasts Forever," Cavuto and Wiehl proceeded to talk about how emails remain in cyberspace forever and that you shouldn't say anything in an email that you wouldn't want plastered across the front page of your local newspaper.

Comment: Ah yes, Fox News; always taking care of its clientele. Repeating "email," "email," "email," sure beats words like, "sex with minor," "position of trust," "cover-up," "knew a year ago," "pedophile Republican congressman," etc.