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Ann Coulter Claims Woodward Wrote Book To Please Liberals

Reported by Deborah - October 2, 2006 -

Ann Coulter can always be counted on at Fox News for those big clean up jobs and there she was today on Big Story with John Gibson trying to find a way to discredit Bob Woodward. She didn't have much ammunition so Coulter relied on her usual nasty, twisted logic hoping it might be enough to divert attention from the astounding revelations in Woodward's book, State of Denial. 10/2/06

Coulter claimed that Woodward's motivations were personal and not political.According to AC, Bob Woodward wrote the book to get in the good graces of Liberals again since the last two books he wrote were positive towards Bush adding it should be called, State Of Grace.

She refused to get into the details of Woodward's assessment of the growing violence in Iraq. Instead she gave her usual tough guy war analysis from the comfort of the Fox studios with lip gloss intact and triple process hair coloring reflecting just the right amount of light.

"War is war. The enemy is shooting back." Claiming a "miraculous transformation" in the middle east she complained about the " same carping" adding the " weakest conservatives will start to collapse."

Did Coulter happen to see Woodward's interview on 60 Minutes last night? If so, that makes her performance on Big Story even more unbelievable.