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Senator George Allen: “I Don’t Recall Every Word I’ve Said.”

Reported by Ellen - October 1, 2006 -

Nothing gets Sean Hannity going like a white man accused of racism so it’s not surprising that he has been focusing all week on defending Senator George Allen. Allen has been accused of making multiple racial slurs, including the now-famous “macaca” remark. Hannity helped campaign for Allen during the day, 9/29/06, and followed up with a puff piece disguised as an interview with Allen for the first 18 minutes of that night’s Hannity & Colmes. Allen came close to admitting that the accusations that he has used racial epithets may be true when he said “I don’t recall every word I’ve said.”

The “fair and balanced” interview included questions from Sean Hannity, only. The only pressing Hannity did was to try to get Allen to admit that his opponent had made racial slurs. Not surprisingly, Allen didn’t go for it.

Allen made another interesting comment regarding his macaca remark. “It was a mistake… If I had any idea whatsoever that that word in some part of the world would offend someone, I would never use it.” Significantly, Allen did not say he did not know the word was a slur, he said he didn’t know the word would offend anyone. But Hannity didn’t ask anything further, nor did he mention the fact that Allen’s mother is North African and that the term is reported to have originated there. Nobody on the so-called “All Star Panel,” which should have been called the “All Conservative Panel,” following the interview mentioned that either.

Allen’s full statement about the “N” word was, “I don’t recall every word I’ve said but I’ll tell you this, the portrayal that this was part of my vocabulary is false. It wasn’t part of my vocabulary because it’s not who I am.” In other words, he may have used it now and again, but it’s not part of his “vocabulary.”

Early in the interview, Hannity suggested that the timing of the racial accusations indicated they were political dirty tricks. But only when the shoe was on one foot. Before long, Hannity was hammering on the dubious allegations of racism against Allen’s opponent, Jim Webb, despite Allen’s repeated statements that he wanted to focus on the issues of the campaign.

Hannity claimed that the focus had really shifted to Webb’s alleged racism. “There’s a story now on the record, somebody’s making an allegation against your opponent that he would not only use the “N” word, but he would drive around Watts and Los Angeles and that he would go with friends and he’d carry a rifle and he’d use that racial epithet and he’d point a gun in people’s faces, African Americans, pull the trigger and do it as some kind of joke.”

Allen obviously didn’t want to go there. He said he didn’t know what Webb had done but that he wanted to talk about the future of Virginia and the country.

But Hannity refused to let it go. “Webb said ‘I don’t think there’s anyone who grew up around the south that hasn’t had that word pass through their lips at one time or another in their life.’ Sounds like he’s admitting that he did. He wrote and used that word in a novel that he had written. What is he saying to the people of Virginia or about them?”

Allen said “I don’t know…”

Hannity continued, “Should the people of Virginia be mad at that statement?”

Neither Hannity nor anyone on the panel mentioned that Dan Cragg, the person who supposedly recollected Webb’s racist past, is a Republican who interviewed Webb in 1983 but who says Webb's account is missing both from the tape recording and transcript of his interview. Cragg says he doesn't remember if he erased that part of the tape or failed to record that part of the interview. (H/T Dave Johnson via Huffington Post)

You can watch Part 1 of Hannity’s interview with Allen on FOXNews.com.