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Last gasp symbolic vote by do-nothing Republican Congress seeks to limit abortion, motivate base

Reported by Chrish - September 29, 2006 -

FOXNews.com reports:

"Vote counters of both parties expected the bill to fail, but passage wasn't the point for Republicans defending their majority. The abortion restriction, like the failed efforts to ban gay marriage and flag desecration, is a gesture of good faith from GOP candidates hoping to energize their most loyal supporters."

They say "gesture of good faith", I say posturing and pandering.

The bill would make it a crime for anyone other than a parent to transport a minor over state lines to obtain an abortion, and both the transporter and the doctor performing the abortion could be subject to large fines and imprisonment. From the article:

"Republican supporters said the House's 264-153 vote Tuesday confirmed public sentiment that parental involvement superseded a minor's right to have an abortion. Democratic opponents warned that such a policy would cut off an escape route for girls with abusive parents and make criminals of well-meaning family members, clergy and doctors."

Once again we see the difference in parties, Republicans supporting (literally this time) "the strict father", authoritarian model of ruling, and Democrats recognizing the differences in family dynamics and the reality of some less-than-ideal situations.

FOX reported without criticism or comment that

"House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., said he hoped 'that the Senate will look at this modified bill in prayerful reflection and send it on to the president,'"

a not-so-subtle wink-nudge to the base.

FOX constantly puts forth the Republican talking point that Democrats have no plans and no ideas, but when the Republicans drag out the same old tired pandering promises election after election it is treated with much more restraint.

Allow me: Republicans have no plans! They have no ideas! All they want to do is restrict your rights further , promising the undeliverable: safety and security, little pink houses for you and me. They need to get back to "upholding the Constitution" instead of steadily undermining it. Unless, of course, that IS the plan.