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Fox Is Doing Those Gitmo Paradise Pieces Again

Reported by Deborah - September 29, 2006 -

John Gibson had a variety of torture defense segments today on Big Story including the old Fox standby praising Gitmo as the ultimate 4 star detention facility. This time a new face from Fox radio, Griff Jenkins, weighed in after visiting Guantanamo with the usual high praise for all the luxury amenities available to the undeserving detainees including Harry Potter books in Arabic and Lazy Boy Loungers. 9/29/06

Jenkins raved about the excellent food and 3000 calorie a day diet provided for detainees. When the congressional committee visited in 2005 the gourmet food was a huge selling point. When O'Reilly visited, he reported that interrogators used pizza and ice cream for bribes.

Then as if rehearsed , Gibson asked about the chairs in the interrogation rooms. Jenkins sounding awed said they were Lazy Boys adding that it's the chair every man wants complaining that his wife won't let him have one. Then as an after thought he said that one leg must be strapped to the chair but his tone suggested that it was a small price for a Lazy Boy.

It's interesting to note that in a previous Gitmo segment in 2005, Harry Potter books were described as interrogation tools. This time Harry Potter was described as a perc. It's ridiculous that they can't even get the Harry Potter stories straight.

Gibson wanted to know what a Military Tribunal might look like and Jenkins was ready with a smart mouthed answer inappropriate considering the gravity of the issue. He quipped that unless Judge Ito is there, the tribunals won't be televised. This guy is almost as funny as Dennis Miller.