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Does GM Want Republican Customers Only? Take Action!

Reported by Ellen - September 29, 2006 -

General Motors has hired Sean Hannity to be the lead spokesman for a car giveaway campaign called “You’re a Great American.“ Apparently, GM thinks only Repubicans are great Americans because their new spokesman has a long record of attacking the patriotism of Democrats and others with whom he disagrees. For example, on 3/20/06, Hannity said, “There used to be a time where the left cared about humanity, about security, about liberty. But obviously that's not the case anymore because if they had had their way, and now we're talking about the appeasement-minded, surrender-minded Democrats of today.”

Hannity has also stated:

“Making sure Nancy Pelosi doesn’t become the [House] speaker” is “worth … dying for.”

He compared voting for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) to voting for terrorist groups Hamas or Hezbollah.

Think Progress has more quotes illustrating the questionable nature of Hannity's patriotism along with a request to contact GM's chairman and CEO, Rick Wagoner, now and request that the company find a better spokesman.

Rick Wagoner — Chairman & CEO
Phone: (313) 667-3505
Fax: (313) 667-3133
E-mail: grwjr@gm.com

Think Progress would also like you to contact them either in the comments section or by email if anyone gets a response.