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Trent Lott Admits Fox News is a Republican Machine - Thanks it for Ten Years of Service

Reported by Melanie - September 28, 2006 -

With the Dow four points away from its all-time high, Neil Cavuto aired the second segment in as many days today asking, "who is this better for, the Republicans or the Democrats?" Cavuto's guest today (September 28, 2006) was Trent Lott and of course Lott, like yesterday's guests, thought it was better for the Republicans. (He also said he's "convinced that tomorrow we're going to set that record and keep going from there." We'll be watching.)

Early in the segment Cavuto asked Lott:

Now, as you know Senator, Democrats have been campaigning, saying that you Republicans have been lousy stewards of the economy and certainly lousy stewards of the congressional books, for running up these big deficits, piling up this huge deficit, spending like crazy. What do you say?

Lott thanked Cavuto for Fox's ten years of Republican propaganda and then proceeded to propagandize, uninterrupted or challenged by Cavuto as to facts or misrepresentations:

Thank goodness, first of all, for the decade of Fox because you've given us the opportunity to give people fair and balanced news and it gives us an opportunity to come on a program like this and try to do a better job of explaining to the American people that as a matter of fact the economy is strong and the gap between income levels has not been going down. In fact, low income people actually don't pay any taxes and they even get earned income tax credits and there are a number of programs to help them. And the options in terms of education and jobs - right across the board - there's a very positive aspect out there. Again, I do blame the Republicans for not doing a good enough job to show, you know, people what's really happening and to try to better exploit the opportunities that we have now in our economy but there's no question, when you look at every statistic, it's up. It's positive. It's historic.

(Emphasis in original.)


"Americans are far better off than they were a generation ago, but the last few years haven't been very good."

Census Bureau says both men and women earned less in 2005 than in 2004.

"The concept of equality is eroding in these United States. It is under assault in this country in large part due to the policies of the current administration, which consistently support and favor the inordinately rich."

August New Home Sales, More Bad News on Housing.

Downward Mobility.

U.S. Deficit Widens More than Forecast.

Additionally, compare the freedom Cavuto gave Lott to make these wild claims to an interview Cavuto did with Dennis Kucinich today on essentially the same topic (available here, under "Today's Features"), during which Cavuto repeatedly interrupted Kucinich and disputed what he said.