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Terror/Torture Bill - Shepard Smith Asks If It Will Help Catch Al Qaeda?

Reported by Donna - September 28, 2006 -

On Studio B with Shepard Smith most of the show was about the two police officers who were shot in Lakeland Florida. They did spare a couple of minutes talking about the terror bill that is being debated in Congress right now. The lead in had Smith asking if the new terror bill would help in the hunt for Al Qaeda.

Smith spoke with a former Jag officer who said that President Bush wanted to interpret the Geneva Convention instead of some more liberal minded country.

Smith also mentioned that one of the Senators, Arlen Spector, had said that the new terror/torture bill could set our civilization back 900 years. (Comment: I'll agree with him on this)

The former Jag officer said that he thought the president would be successful in getting what he wanted - his own interpretation of second tier interrogation. But, he added, that we don't know what second tier interrogation is because it's classified.

Comments: Very short segment but it was framed by Smith's statement on whether the new bill would help in the hunt for Al Qaeda. Why should this be? Bush has been doing whatever he has wanted before now, he's just trying to get it made legal so that he's not brought up on charges for doing it. Fox likes to frame it this way so that you think this terror/torture bill is good because it will help us catch Al Qaeda, show how tough the Republicans are on terror but that the Democrats aren't, which is perfect bs.

And I loved how the former Jag officer said that Bush wanted to be the one to interpret the Geneva Convention, not some more liberal minded country. As if this president is qualified to do that interpretation, with all of his military background and all. As for giving the president the latitude to interpret the second tier interrogation methods - we don't even know what these are. How can you say you're not using torture when you won't tell the methods that are being used?

A sad day in America.