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More Tough Talk From Roger Ailes

Reported by Deborah - September 28, 2006 -

Roger Ailes isn't exactly celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fox News. It seems that the Fox News contract with cablevision is up for renewal and he wants more money, a lot more money. He also let it be known that he plans to continue making changes at the network claiming that he's focusing on the next ten years. 9/28/06

Ailes wants cablevision to increase their payment from .25 to $ 1.00 per viewer twice the amount CNN recieves or else. Cablevision is not promising anything beyond .50 so the situation could get very interesting.

Here's what Roger Ailes says: "It seems like we're probably worth at least twice as much as they are. In the real world, everything is a negotiation and we're not being dogmatic about it. But we are being dogmatic about the fact that we're worth a hell of a lot more than we were 10 years ago when we took very low rates just to get coverage. They had pretty much a free ride for the last five years."

Also, Ailes in a recent report let Fox employees know that he plans to continue making changes. Ailes made this comment to show any slackers on the FNC team that he means business.

"Murdoch didn't invest a billion dollars in this company so people can have jobs...he did it to WIN...he wants to win and so do I."

Who will be the next victim in the great Fox shake up?