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Michelle Malkin monologue on NIE "leak"

Reported by Chrish - September 28, 2006 -

Right-winger Michelle Malkin was the sole guest of John Gibson in an unfair and unbalanced discussion of the "leak" of the NIE report earlier this week that confirmed what the CIA had reported twenty months ago - that the Bush invasion of Iraq had made us less safe from the threat of terror.

Of course the conversation steered clear of the content, the consensus of the 16 intelligence agencies who reached that conclusion and instead turned the topic to the accusation of "leaks" of government secrets and the political maneuvering behind them. Classic Kill the messenger.

Malkin is of the opinion that the "leak" is politically motivated from one of the "cadre of former spooks who are leaking all of this anti-Bush stuff" and would like to see the Bush administration get tough and plug up this flood of, er, information. Not only should the "spooks" be disciplined, she'd like to see action against the press who distributes the information to we the people, but the Bush administration is unwilling to pursue it because it would be unpopular. She repeated that there are CIA employees who have it in for Bush, a familiar tactic of oversimplifying and personalizing anything contrary to the party line.

Perhaps they merely want Americans to make informed choices at the polls in November and want us to have this vital information that contradicts all the rosy lies we hear about how much safer we are and how much progress is being made. Maybe they just think that in a representative democracy we have the right to know.

Malkin accuses the CIA of leaking to the NYTimes before the 2004 elections, too, forgetting all the times her party raised terror alerts based on old information, both before elections and whenever Democrats were getting too much favorable publicity.

California Rep. Jane Harman, a frequent FOX News guest, has requested that another high level assessment report on Iraq be released before the election. Malkin says the timing of the release is suspect - why didn't Democrats request the report 1,2,3,4 months ago? "Impartial" host Gibson replied "Well, much better timing-wise for them, for it to be released closer to the election. Is that a fair statement?"

With a graphic of a calendar of November on the screen, the 7th circled and "41 days" below, Malkin summed up "Absolutely. There's this good leak, bad leak liberal equation that I think really needs to be stated pretty explicitly: Good leak, anything that harms Bush. Bad leak, everything else."

Gibson chuckles at that wit and ends the segment.

My, how informative. Big Story viewers remain clueless as to what is actually in the NIE report, only that it hurts Bush so therefore was part of a political conspiracy to hurt the Party in November out of sheer irrational hatred of Bush, who surely doesn't deserve it.

What a fascinating psychological tactic: they accuse the Democrats (or the CIA, New York Times, liberals, etc. etc.: see O'Reilly's enemies list) of emotional irrationality as they appeal to right-wingers irrational emotional attachment to the man and the party. Maybe the emphasis on the hatred is to provoke the opposite, love and loyalty, in viewers/voters. We've observed that FOX viewers prefer to feel rather than think; why not exploit it? They exploit everything else.