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Hyperbole trickle-down theory explained

Reported by Chrish - September 28, 2006 -

Well, we know where the on-screen personalities get their bias and outrage training: Camp Ailes. FOX News head Roger Ailes is trying to keep the story of Bill Clinton's no-nonsense handling of Chris Wallace's biased questioning last Sunday in the news and spun to his advantage.

Under the headline "FOX News Chief: Clinton Hatred for Journalists is Showing" FOXNews.com reports

"Fox News chief Roger Ailes says former President Clinton's response to Chris Wallace's question about going after Usama bin Laden represents "an assault on all journalists.
Ailes said Clinton had a "wild overreaction" and "If you can't sit there and answer a question from a professional, mild-mannered, respectful reporter like Chris Wallace, then the hatred for journalists is showing," ... in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday."

And we can see where FOX faces get their penchant for misstatement:

"They're trying to do this to rally their base, go after Fox News, set up a straw man," he (Ailes) said. "That's fine. America's favorite indoor sport is politics. I quit it 14 years ago because I hated it."

Ailes hasn't quit politics at all - he's just changed job titles.