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O'Reilly Calls Begala and Carville Propagandists For Claiming Fox Treated Clinton Unfairly

Reported by Deborah - September 27, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly wasn't about to admit to James Carville and Paul Begala that Fox News has unfairly treated Bill Clinton so at first he played dumb acting like he couldn't understand where they got such a crazy idea and then he called them "propagandists" who got all their information from far left smear sites. 9/27/06

After showing a clip of Clinton accusing Wallace of not asking Republicans the same questions about 9/11, he showed a very brief clip of himself politely asking Cheney something about 9/11 . It was difficult to tell if it was a tough question or not since it was cut off in the middle and there was no context given. Claiming that was proof that tough questions to Republicans about the lead up to 9/11 were routine on Fox. Begala and Carville disagreed but made the mistake of trying to quote statistics from Think Progress to bolster their statement but fumbled with the numbers

Of course, O'Reilly pounced with his left wing smear schtick and then just stooped to diversionary name calling. "You guys spread propaganda " You're both stupid." Carville and Begala seemed amused and O'Reilly was pretty chummy but at the same time wasn't going to give them any room to talk.

Trying his " I don't know what you're talking about tactic", O'Reilly started to list all the Fox Folk that just love Bill Clinton. First named was Greta and then Alan Colmes who he claimed "adores Clinton and would be his valet." Then came Shepard Smith and Britt Hume who O'Reilly insisted had liberals on his panel concluding that there was nobody at Fox mistreating Clinton except maybe he and Hannity.

Begala and Carville were laughing by now which sure didn't help the defense. Bill got all paternal which usually signals some stern advice from the caring authority figure to end the segment. Sure enough, he warned his guests to stay away from those far left smear sites. "You guys are being propagandists." Unfortunately, O'Reilly didn't let them talk enough to share their dangerous lefty propaganda.

comment: Now I'm sure that Bill O"Reilly wasn't seriously suggesting that FOX News has treated Bill Clinton fairly. News Hounds has devoted an entire category to the unrelenting Clinton attacks. In fact , on the eve of Clinton's bypass surgery Hannity had a segment with Paula Jones taking a lie detector test to prove Clinton had shown her his "private parts." Of course, how can we forget the endless hours of Dick Morris viciously obsessing over the Clintons. Fox News has been blaming Bill Clinton for 9/11 since it happened and not even his Bill's devoted army of associate culture warriors would deny it.