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Neoconservative Fox Guest Says Bush Is Doing Good Job - Smith Counters

Reported by Donna - September 27, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he spoke with known neoconservative, Bill Kristol, who was introduced as a Fox News Analyst about the Chris Wallace/President Clinton interview. Kristol was one of the founders of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

Kristol said it was all strategy on the part of Bill and Hillary Clinton to get the attention of the left in the Democratic party and ignite the base. This may be true because Clinton was quite successful at handling Wallace, but as the interview went on and the subject switched to the war in Iraq, we had some interesting questions from Shepard Smith.

Smith who is still using the words cut and run (Comment: I just want him to have Paul Murtha or John Kerry on his show, or one Democrat who has a plan for Iraq on his show instead of insisting on using this Republican talking point - cut and run). I've never heard one Democrat say he wanted to cut and run.

Kristol said that Chris Wallace handled himself well and that President Clinton wanted to rally the Democrats against the Bush administration and against Fox News, which he says is a convenient whipping boy. He said that HIlary Clinton was having serious problems with the left wing of the Democratic Party but now Hillary and Bill were heroes of the left wing of the Democratic Party. Kristol repeated what Chris Wallace said that Clinton didn't do anything from 1998 until 2001. Smith told Kristol that Clinton felt he didn't have the people's mandate.

Smith then said that people accused Clinton of wagging the dog when he did fire missiles and Kristol said that wasn't true when it came to the Weekly Standard (Kristol's publication). He said the Weekly Standard said he had to do more than just the strike in the Sudan, as if the Weekly Standard was what President Clinton was listening to when he was in office.

Kristol said that Bill Clinton did not want to be asked the question of who did a better job with the terrorist threat. (Comment: This was ridiculous. Excuse me, but who was president when this country was hit with the worst terrorist plot ever? Exactly, that would be the Bush administration)

Smith then ran a clip on Barbara Boxer questioning Jane Skinner when Skinner gave President Bush's side of something they were discussing. Smith seemed surprised that Fox was being attacked for showing both sides. (Comment: That's the point, Fox doesn't show both sides most of the times, they are very slanted toward the Bush administration, this has been shown over and over on Outfoxed and here at News Hounds, day in and day out).

Smith then said that wouldn't you say that what was going on in Iraq was not working, that the terrorism was getting worse, that they're feeding off the sectarian violence, that we're clearing out one area and then leaving and allowing the insurgents to take it over again? This is when he said that stay the course isn't working anymore than cut and run. (Which I've already discussed) Smith said that perhaps more troops are what were needed and where were the people who are looking out for our best interest?

Kristol said he's said it so many times, more troops, that he's been ridiculed for saying more troops. Kristol said he thinks that President Bush knows there is a problem but can't do anything until election day. Kristol said he probably can't do anything until after the election but he hoped that after the election Bush would take a fresh look at Iraq and decide to send in more troops.

This is when Smith lost it on him. Smith said that it was horrifying that Kristol said we can't do anything until after the election. Smith said, "We've got men and women over there who are dying everyday and you just said that the man that you support, can't do anything even though you believe he knows it's wrong, but what is worse than that? What is worse than that, Bill Krystol, this isn't working?"

Krystol said it's not working and there was some over talk. Kristol turned it around to a story about talking to an unnamed Democrat 2 months ago who said Bush would pull out troops in time for the election. He said he didn't do that, he had moved in a few more troops in Iraq.

Smith said, "A few more troops?"

Some over talk and Kristol said he thinks Bush should have sent more and it's gone back and forth now but it's hard to ask Bush to do something now during this election period. He said Bush was hanging tough and hoped he would send in more troops after the election.

Smith was taken aback and said, "That's a disgusting and repulsive reality, Bill, you have to admit that? That we can't do something about something that is not working and where people are dying until after our elections......"

Kristol said we should do something and Smith said the political reality is we can't. Smith then added, "If I was the mother or the father of a young man who dies between now and the election in that war, I would be raising holy hell. Wouldn't you, Bill? If you believe that this isn't working?"

Kritstol said no, they think they're doing the best and the military is stretched thin. So Smith said that Kristol just said so and then Kristol said he's been critical, he thinks they should send more troops. He said he thinks Bush will reconsider after the elections. He said he, himself, urged him to do something 6 months ago and we should be fair to Bush, Kristol thinks that Bush is doing what he thinks is best for the country. And then Kristol added that to mothers and fathers over there he was talking about sending in more soldiers which would result in more casualties. (Comment: That is not necessarily true if they had had the right amount of troops from the beginning)

Smith said, "To win. But what they keep saying is they want to win, and yet we've talked to soldiers and captains and colonels who come home and talk to you on the phone or who send you an email and say look, we win individual battles, we leave individual battles and go to the next town and the insurgents come back. It's happening in Afghanistan right now - the Taliban had been wiped out now the poppy production is up to supply 92%.......because we don't have enough people there." Kristol agreed with him on this point.

Smith asked Kristol, "How fair is it to the people of this country and to the world to be in a process that you know is not working, to know what the solutions are yet because of the election system and the political process you allow a losing thing to continue?"

Kristol said he thought we can make it a winning thing, Bush will make it a winning thing, that it's now a Democracy and that he also agreed about increasing the troops in Afghanistan. Smith asked him when and Kristol said soon and Smith said, "We'll see."

Comment: Smith did an excellent job playing devils advocate to Bill Kristol. Kristol pulling out the old Iraq is a Democracy now is ridiculous. The only thing that Smith keeps repeating is the Republican talking point of cut and run. Since he just had a known neoconservative on his show I would hope that he would have a Democrat on his show (Murtha or Kerry or another one with a plan) so that they could put their plan forth and tell Smith that no one wants to cut and run. There are plans to withdrawal back to Qater and be on the ready to go back in if needed. Democrats have said from the beginning that Bush should have listened to his generals who said that 400,000 troops would be needed to win and contain Iraq. And it's been Democrats who have been saying we took our eye off the ball when we left Afghanistan with a bare bones troop level.

I look for the day when Smith has a Democrat on his show and listens to their plans. Until then I'll give him kudos for coming down hard on Kristol for a plan that is clearly not working and more of the media should report this. Certainly it reflects the opinion of the American people.