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Harris Faulkner Whitewashes Torture Bill For GOP

Reported by Ellen - September 27, 2006 -

During the Hannity & Colmes news break tonight, Harris Faulkner once again carried the water for Republicans when she whitewashed the torture bill passed by the House of Representatives today.

As a “War on Terror” graphic showed behind her, Faulkner said, “The House passing a bill giving the US the authority to interrogate and prosecute terror detainees." She conveniently didn’t mention that the bill allows tough interrogation tactics, gives President Bush wide latitude to decide what constitutes torture, shields US officials from prosecution under the War Crimes Act retroactively, expands the definition of “enemy combatant” who can be held indefinitely without being charged and bars detainees from going to federal court to protest their treatment and detention under the right of habeas corpus.

Instead, Faulkner chirped, “The legislation would establish a military court system to try suspects. Some Democrats argued the bill failed to provide detainees with the Constitutional rights they said the suspects deserved. The Senate expected to pass its own version of the measure tomorrow.”