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Food Police in NYC going after trans-fats?

Reported by Chrish - September 27, 2006 -

Several segments on The Big Story today 9/27/06 dealt with the possibility that New York City is going to impose an outright ban on the sale of (unlabeled) foods containing trans-fats. There was an introductory segment with correspondent Douglas Kennedy, a follow-up segment discussing the wisdom and legality of such a move with FOX Legal analyst Mercedes Clowin and nutritionist Keri Glassman, and a brief interview with Dr. Lisa Ganjhu, who tracked the impact on Morgan Spurlock's health during his 30-day McDonalds-only diet (for the documentary "Super-Size Me").

Thomas Friedan, NYC Health Commissioner, called trans-fats "dangerous and unnecessary," "a chemical that's added to our foods and it increases the risk of heart disease." Sarah Longwell from the Center for Consumer Freedom complained that it's more nanny-state culture.

Gibson pointed out that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg had already instituted a smoking ban, and presumed he is behind this too? Kennedy repled that he is, and it's really the Health Department that's "out of control."

The nutritionist wasn't outright for the ban but made her point that these foods (french fries were a main focus, but burgers and donuts were pictured repeatedly and NY's famous desserts were mentioned) can all be prepared more healthfully without trans fats. The legal analyst was the voice of outrage, saying this country is based on freedom of choice and if people are educated they'll make better choices. (Unless you're a pregnant woman, then you're deemed too dumb to make your own decisions.)

It was not mentioned in any of these segments referring to Nanny states and out of control officials that NYC Mayor Bloomberg is a Republican and Dr. Friedan is an appointee of his, with a long resume of health oversight accomplishments and goals that some call fascist. All the "cradle to grave" mudslinging about Democrats wanting to control every aspect of our private lives is clearly a huge case of projection, as it is the far-right elements of the Republican party who are trying to eliminate freedoms and choices across the board. In the name of public health, safety and security, of course.