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CIA: Iraq Now Top Terrorist Training Ground

Reported by Chrish - September 27, 2006 -

But wait, you say - isn't it the National Intelligence Agency that issued that report? Well yes, they have - 20 months after the CIA released their report saying the same thing.

Searching around FOXNews.com I came across this article
CIA: Iraq Now Top Terrorist Training Ground
dated Saturday, January 15, 2005.

"WASHINGTON — The White House on Friday downplayed a CIA think tank report that said the war in Iraq is cultivating a fertile training ground and recruitment center for Islamic terrorists.

"This is a speculative report about things that could happen in the world," press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters on Air Force One as President Bush traveled to Florida for an education speech.

The National Intelligence Council released a report Thursday that said Iraq is now the world's top training ground for terrorists, and survivors of the fighting there will move on to mount attacks in other parts of the world.

Bush has frequently described Iraq as the central front in the War on Terror, and has said the United States wants to confront terrorists overseas rather than at home.

"The report confirms that we have the right strategy for winning the war on terrorism," McClellan said."

Twenty months and 1,457 more dead soldiers later we are still "staying the course" and Bush is still in denial. If this is winning, I don't want to see losing.