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President Says He Wants People To Read Whole NIE Document Yet He Is Only Declassifying Key Points

Reported by Donna - September 26, 2006 -

On Studio B with Shepard Smith today there was a segment on the President saying that people were taking the NIE report out of context so he said he would declassify key elements. The point is, he is not declassifying the whole document, just specially chosen points that he picks out himself. The report as it stands now says that we are less safe because of the war in Iraq.

Fox reported that the president kept insisting that the leaked part doesn't tell the whole story, yet he is going to be guilty of the same thing by declassifying key elements and not the whole document.

Of course the president was also upset that there was leaked classified information once again. The president also added that whoever thinks the war in Iraq has made us less safe is naive.

Comments: The piece by Fox was pretty balanced in that they did add that Democrats were saying that the White House was picking and choosing what will be declassified. (Although it would have been nice to actually hear a Democrats opinion) It was more the presidents insistence that the American people were confused because only parts of the report had been released - so he was going to release other parts and that was going to make it fair? Why not release the entire document if you're going to make that argument?

I'll tell you what confuses the American people, President Bush, it's not releasing all of the information, only the information that you've selected. Somehow that just doesn't cut it. Since a majority of Americans don't support his war in Iraq, I guess we have a lot of naive people, as the president said, in America. Plus, his anger is bordering on temper tantrums. After six years perhaps he can start to act more presidential?