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Neil Cavuto Seems to Regret That Bernie Ebbers Didn't Jump Bail

Reported by Melanie - September 26, 2006 -

Neil Cavuto aired a mind blowing segment today (September 26, 2006) during which he wondered why Bernie Ebbers, the former CEO of Worldcom, didn't skip bail instead of turning himself in to face a 21-year prison term, which he did this morning.

With a "Why Not Run?" graphic over his shoulder, Cavuto opened with:

Well, it is entirely possible Ebbers will spend the rest of his life in prison so why did he even show up today? Could be have, you know, gotten out of town, headed to Mexico, maybe even Paris?

With that, Cavuto introduced Barry Minkow, Cavuto's resident former jailbird and someone Cavuto predictably has on every single time a CEO faces even the slightest hint of doing time. Fox bills Minkow as the owner of the "Fraud Recovery Institute" and today included the previously undisclosed tidbit that he is also the "senior pastor at Community Bible Church."

With a chyron at the bottom of the screen that read, "Why Didn't Worldcom's Ebbers Skip Bail?" Minkow said that, "when you find yourself digging yourself deeper and deeper in a hole it's time to put down the shovel..."

Cavuto wondered if Ebbers, "could have...you could make it happen...he certainly has a lot of money...you could do a plan, right?"

Minkow continued the do-the-right-thing theme and said the "medium low" prison Ebbers is going to will make it easy for him to "maintain a relationship even in prison with his grandchildren and wife and family," and that chances are good he will be released before serving the full 21-year term.

Comment: What the hell is going on here? I thought this was the "take responsibility" crowd. Now it's OK for rich white men* to skip bail and flee, or are we supposed to be surprised when they don't, which proves they're such great guys? Does this line of thinking also apply to, say, African-Americans who stole food from stores in New Orleans immediately after Katrina because they were starving? Something tells me no, it doesn't.

* When Martha Stewart went to prison in October 2004 Cavuto seemed downright disappointed that her sentence was so short and that she wasn't going to a maximum security facility to be waterboarded everyday.