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Gibson's disingenuous hypocrisy

Reported by Chrish - September 26, 2006 -

John Gibson's "My Word" today 9/26/06 ("Clinton camp comes out swinging") would be a breakthrough if he would only have been talking about the Bush team and the upper levels of the Republican Party. Of course if he was talking dirty (politics), you can bet he was pointing that finger at Democrats - so-called Clinton Democrats in particular.

Saying " In all the hollering Bill Clinton started when he showed his roughneck followers how to fight dirty in his interview with Chris Wallace, there has been some conspicuous trifling with the facts by FOBs" and singled out Bill's best friend and wife, Senator Hillary Clinton.

Gibson quoted her as saying

"I'm certain, if my husband and his national security team had been shown a classified report entitled, 'Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside the United States' he would have taken it more seriously than history suggests it was taken by our current president and his national security team."

Then Gibson asserts that well, he was shown that. A presidential daily brief sent to president Bill Clinton December 4, 1998, just about three years before bin Laden attacked on 9/11, said:

"Bin Laden and his allies are preparing attacks in the U.S., including aircraft hijacking..."

He wonders "Will Hillary now correct the record and apologize for misstating the facts? No, she won't."

Of course, Senator Clinton was referring to the PDB that Bush saw on August 6, 2001, 5 weeks before bin Laden allegedly struck the WTC, and inferring that if her husband had still been president he would have taken action other than go on vacation. In the time left in his term after that other, earlier brief, the record shows that Clinton made fighting terrorism a high priority. Play along with the Bush team game, and note that there were no terror attacks on our soil in that intervening of 33 months.

In a classic case of FOX/Republican projection, Gibson says

"We're back to the old days of brass-knuckle Clinton fighters. Damn the facts, just come out slugging. Politics under Clinton rules is offense, offense, offense. Don't get caught up in the details of what is true and what is not. Just get up a good head of steam, turn purple with rage and attack."

Gibson's either been in a stupor or has turned a blind eye to six years of Karl Rove's dirty tricks, media manipulation, obfuscation, smears and outright lies. He maintains the diabolical theme of the week and asks "And who is the devil these fightin' Dems want to go after? FOX News, of all things. Barbara Boxer, the esteemed senator of California, was rude to Jane Skinner on the air today. Yesterday, Lanny Davis felt he had to attack me, personally, to defend Bill Clinton."

Gasp! Rudeness and attacks on FOX News Channel - alert the media!!! Oh wait a minute.

Gibson just wants viewers to know that "this is what the run-up to the election is going to look like. Blame, scapegoat and divert. The Clinton team is back on the field. The games have begun."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blame Clinton. Everything has been honest and straightforward and transparent and civil until HE came back on the scene. Give me a break.