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Faced With The Report That Said We Are Less Safe In The World After The War In Iraq, Bush Brags About The UK Terror Plot Plan That He Says The UK Helped Us Out On

Reported by Donna - September 26, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer there were several segments on President Bush's press conference with the Afghanistan President Karzai. He said that he would make the whole NIE report declassified so that people could see for themselves. He said they would declassify the key judgements which doesn't sound like the whole document to me at all.

But there was one thing he said that kept being played over and over during the hour.

The question was if the war in Iraq has made us less safe in the world today. President Bush kept pointing to the sleeper cell arrest made in the UK this summer, but it was how he referred to it that caught my ear.

He said, "That terror plot, that along with the British, we helped stop."

Comment: I understand he's under a lot of pressure with all the talk of the war in Iraq making us less safe than before but does he have to resort to speculation to try and talk his way out of a bad spot?

Several times the clip was repeated that "That terror plot, that along with the British, we helped stop."

It was so nice of the British to give us a little help in stopping this terrorist plot. It seems to me that the British were the ones who stopped the terror plot and maybe they received a little help from us. (Although I've heard no info as to that being true) Bush has been trying to take credit for the break up of this terrorist plot ever since it happened and now when he's cornered, he's using it more and more.

And, once again when the discussion is about the war in Iraq the President switches it to the war on terror. Par for the course, he's blurring the lines once again between the war in Iraq and the war on terror.