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Bill O'Reilly's fantasies of fearless ferocity

Reported by Chrish - September 26, 2006 -

Chickenhawk Bill O'Reilly is plugging his newest book hard on his show and trying to paint himself as the ferocious warrior standing up to the dreaded "S-P" enemy (secular progressives - think about it). His religious regressive audience must lap it up, reporting for duty to their well-manicured and coiffed commander-in-chief. Do they remove their "United We Stand" bumper stickers from their vehicles before they declare war on over half of America?

Yesterday 9/25/06 the big BORe used his editorial soapbox, the Talking Points Memo segment, to explain to his audience WHY he's declared war on over half of America and why they should join him in vilifying Americans who think, worship, vote, eat, and have sex differently than they do.

Of course he has to lie to make his case, claiming that "traditionalists" (regressives) like him believe the USA is fundamentally a noble nation, and the secular-progressives, "S-Ps", believe America is flawed and needs drastic change. Actually the progressives want America to continue its noble efforts to be free, diverse, tolerant, and accommodating to all who seek us. Regressives want to go back to a mythical Mayberry-America, with subservient women, head-of-household strict fathers, and no signs of sex except well-scrubbed respectful children all over the place - and those kids should be seen but not heard.

O'Reilly admits that most people don't realize we're at war with one another, but he promises to highlight and egg on this division as the weeks go on - right up to November 7 when he will deliver the brainwashed for Republicans once more. He promises to re-instill fear of Democrats (crudely disguised as S-Ps for the segment - "people like Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, not going to like this deal at all." I doubt any one of them or other reality-based Democrats are even going to read the jacket cover.) Is this blatant campaigning or what???

O'Reilly also claims "the media", which he apparently does not consider himself a part of even though he crows about his number one ratings on cable incessantly , will also be mad "because the biggest names in the TV news business and the entertainment business are analyzed and placed in culture war context." What he means is he has compiled a McCarthyesque enemies' list and he is going to painstakingly itemize every perceived slight and contrary article that disagrees with him, ergo they are anti-American.

He goes so far as to say "the country is at stake" in this latest trumped up war. Reasonable people now see that the very real threats to the global environment, the long-term fiscal health of our nation and to the Constitution, comes from the Bush administration and the people who put them in office.

Now that he's declared (another ridiculous) war on the normal majority, O'Reilly will commence fingerpointing at his "enemies." First and foremost, the scary comedienne/talk show host Rosie O'Donnell, who on "The View" said

"You know the guy grew up in Long Island. He went to school where all the rich Catholic kids went, Chaminade. You know, he always portrays himself as sort of a working class kind of guy. You went to Chaminade, so you aren't that working class."
O'Reilly says his father "broke his back" to send him to Chaminade, but sources say his dad was an accountant and an executive at an oil company, not a laborer. Why must he misrepresent himself so?

Another comedian, Jon Stewart, said of O'Reilly's paranoid assertion that he warrants a special place on Al Queda's hit list

"And Bill, certainly, I don't want to burst your bubble. I don't want to jump in on this clearly very exclusive place that you hold in American society. But I don't know if you've seen the al Qaeda tapes. We're kind of all on the hit list."

O'Reilly, ever competitive, said that may be so but Stewart is" way, way down on that list. Right before [Stephen] Colbert but after [Bill] Maher."

This promises to be even more ridiculous than the war on Christmas, and just as over-hyped.