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Bill O'Reilly Makes Bill Maher His Secular Progressive Poster Child

Reported by Deborah - September 26, 2006 -

O'Reilly invited Bill Maher on The Factor tonight to discuss Maher's decision not to participate in the CBS News new free speech segment. Maher declined the CBS offer after being sent a list of acceptable topics so O'Reilly offered him a chance to say what he had planned for CBS.When Laura Ingraham appeared in the next segment, O'Reilly used Maher as a perfect example of the secular progressives he is fighting in his new book. 9/26/05

It's no surprise to anyone who watches Bill Maher's HBO show, Real Time, that he would choose to talk about organized religion. Describing it as "mass psychosis" he pointed out the chaos in Iraq caused by two opposing religious sects.

O'Reilly did his usual spin saying, " I get it. Mother Theresa is psychotic." Maher made the points that anyone could just as easily do charitable works without religion and most Christians don't act like Christ.

O'Reilly objected but Maher continued saying that Evangelical Christians express intolerance noting how Christ would never take medical marijuana from suffering cancer patients. O'Reilly quipped that Christ would just cure them and they wouldn't need marijuana.

Then BOR told Maher he sounded like a bigot and wanted to know what he thought of Rosie O'Donnel's comment that Evangelical Christians were the same as Islamic Radicals. Maher pointed out that we don't pay attention to the extreme rhetoric from people like Falwell and Robertson .

Laura Ingraham, of course, was predictably offended by Maher.She got on her self righteous soapbox about belief in a higher power commenting that "millions of Christians are praying for Bill Maher."

Then O'Reilly brought his book into the discussion. He warned that " in a time of terror" we all need to join together but we're being devided by the secular progressive movement calling it "nasty". He reminded viewers that this is exactly what he is fighting against in his new book, Culture Warrior asking Ingraham if she had a solution.

Ingraham had no answers but was happy to go after Rosie O'Donnell some more and even added Madonna for good measure. When she scolded BOR for being too easy on Maher, he got all defensive almost apologizing for treating him with civility telling her. " There's different ways to handle different people."

comment: So once again Bill O'Reilly has called for his Culture Warriors to unite against the "nasty" Secular Progressives like Bill Maher. In this time of terror only the Culture Warriors can keep us safe. Maher's point about mass psychosis makes a lot of sense after listening to Bill O'Reilly.