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Vicious hit-piece on Clinton on FOXNews.com

Reported by Chrish - September 25, 2006 -

An item appearing in the "Politics" section of FOXNews.com, written by one Ronald Cass, is a scathing and disrespectful attack on former President Clinton, who has been the target of FOX News Channel's right-wing mouthpieces all day long.

Cass, alternately described as "a legal scholar and former dean of the Boston University School of Law" and a "consultant and a former Microsoft adviser," has written (once) for National Review Online in defense of the Harriet Miers nomination and for RealClearPolitics (again, once) defending Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's hand gesture blowing off a reporter's question. His stance on both issues leaves no question that he is of the hard-right variety of Bush loyalist.

His piece on Clinton is off-the-charts unbalanced, even for FOX. In the first sentences he writes " Former President Bill Clinton, never one to let truth stand in the way of a good line" and "The man who ran away from military service and displayed striking contempt for our Armed Forces," (Cheney leaps to mind) and it continues in that vein for three pages.

Looking at what appeared to be "the other side of the story," a defense of Clinton and support for his assertions, I found "Former President Bill Clinton Defends Handling of Usama bin Laden in Combative FNC Interview" but all that added was Tony Snow and the White House taking their usual "hands off" stance - they don't get involved in these nasty political fights and just let their minions do the dirty work. That article was a few selected snips from the interview with more of what we've seen all day on FNC - references to Clinton's "combativeness" and poor Wallace's surprise.

FOX's main claim is that they are "fair and balanced." As most people know, this is a lie and they exist to offer right-wingers a place to call their own, where their extreme viewpoints are reinforced and coddled. Many professional journalists (and not a few parents) have noted that there are not two sides to the truth. News is news, facts are facts, and just because they don't support or flatter any one worldview that doesn't put them up for debate. The whole mission of FOX News and other right-wing media (mainly talk radio but increasingly, right-wing websites) is obfuscation and intertwining of opinion and news.

The main thrust lately and until November 7 has been and will be to obfuscate the increasingly obvious facts - the war in Iraq is a debacle and not only are we not getting out of there anytime soon, we are getting more deeply entrenched; our fiscal condition has NEVER been worse; we are NOT safer than we were on September 11, 2001; the Bush administration and their rubber-stamp Congress are incompetent at governing. Much like the terrorists who allegedly flew the planes into the WTC that awful morning, the Bush administration only knows how to start wars and never bothered to learn to land/end them.

(Thanks to gmailer Brett for heads-up)