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Smith & Guest Submit Themselves To Republican Talking Points - Cut & Run

Reported by Donna - September 25, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he spoke with Larry Sabato wit the University of Virginia Center for Politics and they discussed the new leaked info that the war in Iraq is actually spawning new terrorists.

Now, while many Republicans, including the President have used the words 'stay the course' there have been no Democrats who use the terminology 'cut and run', but Smith and Sabato used them like they were the Democrats words and plans.

Sabato said that though this new information favored the Democrats he thought that most people were more concerned with what each party was going to do now with Iraq. Sabato said the Republican view was stay the course, not cut and run (Comment: Like that talking point is the Democratic view) but that stay the course was not a popular view. Sabata did say that there were several views coming from the Democrats but he did not know the one definitive view from the Democrats.

Smith said that maybe a lot of people were trying to find their own voice when it came to Iraq. Sabata agreed that the closer you got to the elections it was more or less every person for themselves. Sabato said that though Bush's numbers were still low they had bumped up a little and gas prices were coming down and that was good for the Republicans. He said that since it was the 6 year election after Bush was first elected that that was in the favor of the Democrats, since the opposition party usually benefits from the 6 year elections.

Smith talked about us leaving an area in Iraq and after we leave the area the insurgents move back in. He said we don't hear about putting more soldiers in to hold the areas that we've just cleared.

Sabato said occassionally we do hear that more troops are needed and it really starts to sound like the situation in Vietnam, where we would claim an area and then it would be taken back after we left.

Smith asked if there was anyone on either side who had another idea because stay the course wasn't working and it didn't seem that cut and run would work either. (Comment: There he goes with the Republican talking point of cut and run - not one Democrat has ever advocated for cut and run. They've advocated to pulling back to a staging area and monitoring Iraq from there and see what happens, but never cut and run. I find it appalling that Smith would lower himself to use this terminology)

Sabato said that maybe after the election passes some of the saner people will get together and try and get some unified idea on what to do about Iraq.

Comment: A much more balanced presentation than the one that Bill Hemmer produced 2 hours earlier. However, with both Smith and Sabato using the Republican talking point of 'cut and run' you have to wonder - can they ever truly be fair and balanced?