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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of September 18th

Reported by Janie - September 25, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly took home his fifth Outrageous Quote last week, after receiving 37% of the vote for his stance on torture:

"...And you have bitching by the ACLU and other human rights groups and the left-wing press about this kind of interrogation, and it's insane, Professor, I just want you to know that." - Bill O'Reilly to Richard Lynn, Dean of John Marshall Law School, on techniques employed by CIA interrogators at one of their secret "safe houses" in Thailand, The O'Reilly Factor, 9/11/06

For this week's wide variety, take a peek below the fold.

Option A: "The Pope doesn’t have to apologize for his citations, he doesn’t have to apologize for anything in his speech. If he should apologize for anything, it should be for overestimating the intelligence of the people who didn’t read his talk and have reacted violently to one part of his whole discourse." - Kishore Jayabalan of the Acton Institute, Special Report, 9/18/06

Option B: "He quotes an author who says America is seeking global dominance? That's the opposite. America doesn't seek to conquer anyone." - Kay Bailey Hutchinson on Hugo Chavez at the UN, The Big Story, 9/20/06

Option C: "We could have another Cuban missile crisis in Venezuela, particularly because of Chavez's relationship with Fidel." - David Asman, Dayside, 9/20/06

Option D: The "wishy washy" reaction of the American churches to the Pope's statement on Islam was “increasing the threat of violence to America by empowering violent radicals to continue their attempts to conquer global leaders of democracy like Bush and the Pope.” - Christine O’Donnell, Heartland, 9/23/06

Option E: "potentially, sure, he's got money at his disposal, he can give it to terrorists, he can help terror organizations, maybe he's doing it. Sure he's dangerous, you bet." - Brit Hume on Hugo Chavez, Studio B, 9/20/06