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Hemmer & Republican Guest Resort To Republican Talking Points On Daily Kos & Huffington Post Story on Iraq Making the World Less Safe

Reported by Donna - September 25, 2006 -

Bill Hemmer on Fox On Line today was speaking about the new report that had come out with regards to stating that the war in Iraq had made the world a more dangerous place. He mentioned Daily Kos and Huffington Post as reporting this, but when he went to talk about the story he used neither, he used former Governor, James Gilmore (R-Virginia) who has also served under the Bush administration.

Of course what we got was neither fair, nor balanced.

Gilmore said that he hadn't seen the complete repor,t only what the New York Times was reporting. He said, "At the end of the day, Bill it still comes back to the same central points. If you're going to have people who are going to attack the United States, that are going to kill Americans, we are on the defensive and we have no choice but to lash back and make sure we attack these people and keep our country safe." (Comment: And this would have what to do with Iraq? This country was not going to attack the United States, why is he getting off subject?)

And then second of all, I think we do need to follow a nuanced policy to make sure that people all across the world know that we are the ones on the morale high ground. We're the ones that are the good guys and that they should be rallying to us as the future of civillzation is drawin into question." (Comment: I thought this was a joke - we've lost what world support we had when we attacked Iraq)

Hemmer then asked the former governor how Donald Rumsfeld would explain it.

Gilmore replied that, "I think he's going to say that we have to have a strong foreign policy. I'm also saying that we have to have a very strong foreign policy and we have that by the way. The president has provided that. But we also have to have a nuanced foreign policy to make sure we draw other allies to us. And not just our traditional NATO allies but additonal people all across the world who need and are looking for a beacon of liberty in this world, and America has always provided it and can continue to provide it. In the meanwhile we have to make sure we protect the homeland, secure our borders and make sure that every community is safe."

Hemmer wondered if the Democrats saw a crack in that armor and would they try to take advantage of it.

Gilmore said he had seen that and didn't see anything wrong with the Democrats arguing about Iraq, that that was a weak point that they think they see. But he also added that the Democrats have an obligation to come forward and offer the American people their own plan and they weren't dong that, "all the thinking was coming out of the Republican Party."

Hemmer said, "But there's been no plan offered by the Democrats."

Gilmore: "Not that I've seen."

Hemmer: "Not that I've seen either and I ask just about every guest that we have on the last two weeks about where the plan is." (Comment; Every Republican guest, Bill?"

They then discussed what they thought the Democrats might do and Gilmore said the Democrats had an obligation before the elections to tell us what they would do. He said if the Democrats are going to lead, the American people deserve to know. He then added that if they are afraid to state their policy, then that's very troubling. He added that it was the discussion of the Republican Party that was providing intellectual leadership of this country. He added again that we had to make it clear that we were the ones taking the moral hgh ground.

Comments: Did you see a story on the report of Iraq from Daily Kos and Huffngton Post regardng Iraq making us less safe in the world? I didn't. All I saw was a bunch of chest puffed out, braggng from one partisan Republican guest. If Fox wanted to get to the heart of this story why didn't they ask someone from Daily Kos or Huffngton Post to be on the show? And then to lower themselves to the point of saying (and using Republican talking points) that the Democrats have no plan is unbelievable. Ask John Kerry or John Murtha what their plans are for Iraq. But off course these are guests of qualilty who would probably not lower themselves to appearing on Fox On Line.

What a horrible reporting job. The subject at hand, that Iraq was making us less safe in the world was never spoken about. Instead we had a bunch of 'how wonderful the Republicans are' speech with no counterpart.

Fair and balanced? I think not.