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Pre-spinning the Clinton interview

Reported by Chrish - September 23, 2006 -

In promoting Chris Wallace's interview with former President Bill Clinton, airing tomorrow on FOX News Sunday, the conservative media giant is depicting their guest as "crazed." Is this any surprise, from the same people who asked the Columbian president if the Venzuelan president is "a nut"?

Crooks and Liars has a clip of the promo and a link to the transcript, released early. They also share screenshots of the disrespectful (libelous?) characterization as captured by Think Progress, before it was toned down.

Let's see - GWHBush is not touched by this network, almost like he wasn't ever president. Ronald Reagan is revered and honored. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are routinely mocked, criticized, blamed, and called names. Obviously FOX does not honor the office; they pick and choose based on party. Fair and balanced? Hahahahahahaha....