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John Gibson Adds Ireland To His Enemy List

Reported by Deborah - September 23, 2006 -

John Gibson refuses to accept the ugly truth that America is no longer admired and respected around the world. Yesterday, 9/22/06, he was angry and shocked that the American golfers competing for the Ryder Cup in Ireland were criticized for their support of Bush and the Iraq War opening his commentary with:

"What's the matter with the Irish? What happened to that century-long love affair with America? It appears to be over."

Gibson was especially outraged that negative remarks were made about the American team's born again christian players.

"The paper went on to complain that the American pro-golf world is too heavily influenced by corporate America and Republican politics and is now full of — gasp — born-again Christians. Named as born-agains, like it was a rash and not a religion, were Tom Lehman, Corey Pavin and Loren Roberts, some of golf's best players.

So now the Irish appear to be part of the British bitter left, which sees America as a burger chomping, over-militarized mutant nation of bullies who spend all their time pouring loading guns and praising Jesus."

According to this article in The Herald there are some past incidents that might explain the poor image of Born Again Golfers. Bruce Selcraig writes in The Herald about an ugly experience he had with one of the players Tom Lehman.

" Lehman, who has never hidden his right-wing politics, once overheard me say the words "Bill Clinton" while I was interviewing a caddie on the driving range of the Texas Open in San Antonio.
Unsmiling, he stopped in mid-stride, walked over and said, "You mean that draft-dodging baby-killer?" and then walked on."

It seems the US team is far from low key about their evangelical leanings.

"There are now official chaplains and weekly Bible study groups, or "fellowships," on each of the four American pro tours, and various players either display the Christian fish symbol on their golf bag or wear a popular cloth bracelet that says 'WWJD' [What Would Jesus Do?]
"It's not seen as so strange anymore for a player to be open about his faith," former tour pro Bobby Clampett told Golf World. "They're no longer called The God Squad or Jesus Freaks like we were 20 years ago. Now it's cool."

Gibson seemed all upset that a trip to his native land might be less than welcoming. Maybe he should stop blaming Ireland and start putting the blame where it belongs.