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After Spending Days Bashing Hugo Chavez, Fox Gives Free Ad Time to Citgo

Reported by Melanie - September 23, 2006 -

Hugo Chavez took center stage as the bad guy du jour this week with Fox News devoting hours and hours to the "extreme threat" the "crazy nut" poses to the United States. Then, on Your World Friday afternoon (September 22, 2006), during an interview with Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric about whether or not taxes will go up if "Dems" win control of Congress (one guess as to the answer), Cavuto pointed out that gas prices are going down which is good for Republicans. At that moment, Fox, which was airing a split screen of Welch and "Dem" bad guys like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, went to file video of a gas station - a Citgo gas station no less!

Poor Fox. It's hard work staying on top of all that hate.